Adventurous 2D Art and Animation for Jewel Quest Tournaments

We have completed an upgrade of a series of match-3 games and are here to share the pics! Our client, iWin, is a well-known publisher and distributor of casual games for different platforms. They asked us to breathe new life into the Jewel Quest series. The overhaul included creating new game art, animation, game UI, and logo.

Jewel Quest Tournaments 2D Game Art Animation


Here are the beautiful backgrounds our artists created for Jewel Quest Tournaments. We came up with eight sites that evoke a sense of adventure and mystery, and carry a promise of hidden treasure. The temples and statues built by ancient civilizations for religious purposes call many of us to visit and explore. We thought they would be just the right backdrops for jewel hunting. The illustrations are top-quality 2D graphics in great resolution and we believe they add loads of points to the game’s appeal.

The Character

Well, their silhouettes. The archetype of a devil-may-care explorer is strong within us, as our fondness for Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, The Mummy et al. shows. We added simple and stylish silhouettes of a character searching for treasures and having adventures in all of these mysterious corners of the world.


As in any match-3, you receive points when you line up three or more matching items. You also earn extra points for special matches and chain reactions. You probably know that the more explosions and the more varied the kinds of explosions are, the better the overall satisfaction of the game. All of the animation that accompanies the wins was developed by our 2D animation artists. The animation was done with a specific frame rate as the client asked and each element consisted of 16 frames made in photoshop.

Buttons, Logos, and Icons

The upgrade features the new logo developed by our artists. The menu screen features our new backgrounds and a nice and simple ‘Play Now’ button. We also created a big set of app icons so our client had a variety to choose from. These little details are so important for the overall impression of any game!

  • Jewel Quest Tournaments Game Icons Before
  • Jewels Grid Relics Icons Design Upgrade

We have done many match-3 games and enjoy the smooth process of working on them. Yet, each project brings something new and we bring something new and unique into each project. The RetroStyle Games team of 2D and 3D artists create characters, locations, and game items for a variety of game genres.

Jewel Quest Tournaments GUI Buttons Game Logo Design

We always ensure that we meet the clients’ standards and make game art that the players will enjoy. In our portfolio you can familiarize yourself with the work we have done for various projects and do not hesitate to contact us if you need a team of talented professionals on your game.

App Icon Game Design Jewel Quest

Retro Style Games specializes in character art and animation for a wide range of game genres. Our team of seasoned 2D and 3D specialists has created highly-detailed characters with superb graphics and distinct personalities. Check out our other characters in our portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us if you need heroes for your game worlds

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