Total Summer Bliss ā€” 2D Art and Animation

Stuck at your desk job in a concrete jungle for the summer when your body and soul long for a vacation? Before you change your life, letā€™s get some oxytocin and dopamine in your nervous system fast with Total Summer Bliss. RetroStyle Games has developed a slot game in cooperation with Lady Luck Games that has the users digging in the sand to find treasures. We did character art, the game interface, the game icon, and all the animation.

Total Summer Bliss Slot Game Design Main Screen Play Now Button

The game theme is relaxing and shows that a gambling game can be chill too. Lady Luck Games provided us with an idea and the drafts of some of the elements. They asked us to create game art that evokes a sense of a family summer vacation: a mom with small kids on a beach and nothing to worry about but getting treasures out of the sand. It is a perfect combination of winding out and excitement from matches and wins. Loved by many Angry Birds Match has a bit of a similar aesthetic but more of a party vibe, whereas here we have more like a sweat-beach-nothingness mood.

Slot Design Spin Icons Symbols Beach Waves

Our Experience with Slot Games

We have a few popular slot games in our portfolio: Paradigm Slots, Kama slots, Alain slots, and in-house Westworld Slots Assets. Each one is unique and each one attempts to interest the users with a special theme or themes, and gameplay. Having worked in this genre for some time, we understand the structure and aesthetic that go well with it and can be creative and build on that. We also provide our clients with reasonable timeframes and deliver the results on time. One slot generally takes just under a month to develop.

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Total Summer Bliss Slot Logo UI

GUI and Slot Game Icons

The graphic user interface specialists designed the loading screens and all the icons and menus the player uses to navigate the game. We also did a few game icons so that our client could easily choose one.

  • Loading Screen Big Win Logo Background
  • Free Spin Icon Mega Win Logo Shell

Game Art: Characters, Slot Icons, and Backgrounds

For the game art, we wanted to be specific about the color palette with very clear, vivid, and yet calm colors. Our artists created the background, promo images, and slot icons that are just as oxytocin-inducing as the background. The typical attributes of a beach potato here are coconut drinks, seashells with pearls, delicious-looking ice creams, beach outfit accessories, and special wooden ā€œwildā€ icons that bring the big win. There are also three characters: a calm mom and her two toddlers.

Sandy Beach Slot Icons Ice Cream Š”ocktail

The game art in this game is a blend between 2D and 3D. Our concept artists come up with images, our 3D artists model the objects, and our 2D artists paint them. As a result, we get high-quality images that have volume and are ready for animation. We have smooth workflow and communication between the departments allowing us to effectively close these tasks.

Total Summer Bliss Characters Beach Ocean Waves Shell for Slot Game

Spine Animation for Slot Game

Our animation specialists did all the animation for the slot game. We worked with symbols, icons, and the wave in Spine: a great software for 2D animation we use a lot in our work. Take a look at the gameplay trailer to see the animation at work.

RetroStyle Games provides game art and animation outsourcing services for a wide range of game genres. Our large team of 2D and 3D specialists take on tasks of any complexity and realize them within agreed timeframes. Our artists are professionals who always use their creativity to make a game unique while creating high-quality products that have all the potential to do well on the market. Get in touch with us to start bringing your game to life.

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