2D Backgrounds, Characters, Game Icons & UI/UX | Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is a new project of ours that has brought us a lot of passion and hard work to create such an impressive and voluminous product. Welcome aboard this magnificent cruise ship. Love, intrigue, secrets, and dangerous adventures await you ahead.

The game also features well-developed characters and unexpected plot twists that leave gamers wanting more. Players can even create their own stories and affect the events.

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Character Concept Art

RetroStyle Games’ artists created not only the backgrounds for our new project, Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery, but also the main 2D characters who will tell their mystery story to players. All emotions, poses, and clothes should not only match the atmosphere of the game but also correlate with each character. Each character’s design must be special and unforgettable, so our artists created eight different 2D Characters Designs.

2D design Character Concept Art Clothes Male Woman Coat Blazer Dress Captain

2D Objects

To solve the murder mystery, players need to solve puzzles, search for hidden objects, and play exciting mini-games. That’s why our artists tried to create a set of dozens of unique 2D items. Lost keys, fingerprints, and other clues will help players get closer to solving this complex mystery.

UI/UX Design

Convenient and clear interfaces, as well as simple navigation, influence the popularity of video games. Our team has developed not only a visually attractive menu but also made sure that all actions are carried out without difficulties. Thanks to this, players can conveniently navigate between chapters of the game, save and change settings, and monitor their progress.

GUI Design Main Screen Buttons Language Selection Play
UX UI Design Game Store Stars Price Special Offer

Backgrounds Game Art

Our talented artists created over 10 unique 2D backgrounds for the Murder Mystery Story. Deep and vivid images draw the attention of the players and hold their eyes. Each background is coordinated and worked out to the smallest detail, such as shadows, sun glare, and neon lighting. Our artists are highly experienced in creating high-quality backgrounds that bring out the atmosphere of the game.

Game Logo Design

The logo is the first thing a player sees when immersing themselves in a new story for the first time. It was important for us to keep the mysterious and exciting atmosphere of the game, conveying it even in the logo. The major version of the game logo is intended for usage in all forms of visual communication. We also tried different color solutions to achieve a result that will satisfy the customer.

Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Full Game Art 2D Characters Backgrounds

Video Workflow

Here you can check out a video of the animations and creative assets we made for this game:

The RetroStyle Games team specializes in Game Art Services, and our artists always provide high-quality work. If you’ve always wanted to make a Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery-style game and need help with game art, you should get in touch with our team. Our creative team players are eager to work on complicated projects of varying magnitude.