2D Public Spots and Natural Sites Game Backgrounds

Lucky Jack Story 2D Game Backgrounds with Characters Girl

Recently, we have created a set of distinct 2D backgrounds for the new game Lucky Jack Story by Fenomen Games. The game got its own style by absorbing the best features and qualities in games of this genre that were used as a reference when creating illustrations by our artists.

2D game backgrounds, Icy Cave and Remnants Prehistoric Creatures

The Artwork

We have created nine backgrounds, each one rather distinct and allows the players to easily identify the locations. Five of them are natural sites. Here we have the bottom of an ocean with a sunken ship and a variety of seaweed, an icy cave that guards remnants of prehistoric creatures, an arid, red-soil valley with bursting volcanoes, and a peaceful Canadian hike scenery.

Then, we have four habitual human habitats, most of which have nature as a nice backdrop though. You can see the business class section of a plane, a cozy snack bar in a city, the terrace on the roof of a cruise ship that has everything for cruise ship pleasures, and an airport with panoramic windows revealing beautiful scenery outside.

The Process

For some of the backgrounds, the client had detailed, schematic drafts, while other locations were up to our artists to make from scratch. Each of the drawings had to have ten objects in the middle ground. The size of the props was guided, again, by the backgrounds in Comics Bob.

Below you can see the process of creating an illustration. Each of the drawings started as a black-and-white draft, which then was colored and finalized. The completion of one drawing generally took 3-5 days, depending on the feedback. The scope of tasks was quite small, so it took us five weeks to deliver the results.

  • 2D Background Design Process Schematic Draft
  • 2D Background Location Process Black and White Draft
  • 2D Game Background Airport with Panoramic Windows

We are quite happy with the drawings as each one is interesting to look at and will serve as a great backdrop for the game. Our artists always make sure the artwork is balanced in terms of colors and composition and is pleasing to look at in general.

Game 2D Background Illustration Ocean Sunken Ship Seaweed

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