Relaxing 3D Interiors for Zen Match

Zen Match is a Puzzle and Match-3 that focuses on the relaxing effect and stylized locations the players can customize. We enjoyed working with our client, Good Job Games — a big game publisher in the casual and hyper-casual genre. RetroStyle Games created 3D interiors for the users to customize and 2D icons for the match-3 mechanics. We are especially happy with how we streamlined and optimized our workflow.

3D Interiors for Zen Match Scripts Tools Render

Zen Aesthetic for 3D Interiors

Zen Match positions itself similar to many wellness apps that are having their golden age these days. The game suggests the users drop in daily to improve cognitive function and de-stress. Such an angle asked for beautiful interiors that would evoke a sense of serenity and employ the idea of sacred space with a basis in the Buddhist and Shinto aesthetics.

Beautiful 3D Interiors for Zen Match Scripts Tools Render Automation

Our artists created a whopping 107 rooms and each one of them has four overpaint versions in different color palettes. Some rooms directly reference the above-mentioned style, whereas others are simply cozy and visually pleasing spaces with calming lighting that have a relaxing and balancing effect on the player.

Scripts Tools Automatic Render Optimization

The Meta Component

We have a few games in our portfolio for which we created the meta component. The game’s objective shifts from the one designed by developers to the one the player invents for themselves along with the motivations and meaning they make out of it. Do they want to decorate the rooms? How do they want to do it? How are they going to use the existing structure of the game to achieve their goals, i.e. how do the player’s objectives affect the way they play? Is the idea of growing a plant meaningful to them, and are they willing to play consistently to make it happen? It is exciting that even in a project with casual graphics such as this one, this meta component instantly makes the game personalized and interesting.

Zen Match Puzzle 3D Interiors Created

Merge Hotel: Makeover Design, Spark Link!, and Manor Cafe Restaurant we have worked on, all have similar ideas. 3D rooms we created could be customized by the users to their own linking, oftentimes trading the earned game assets for decorations. Good Job Games understood the main point of attraction of such games really well and capitalized on the wellness component by putting it in every aspect of the game.

Match-3 Icons

The match-3 component of Zen Match is inspired by mahjong and gets progressively more difficult as the player moves through the game. The icons our artists have created are super cute, with lots of blooming flowers that would be a great addition to the fancy rooms. The drawings are not detailed to avoid looking too busy on the higher levels when hundreds of tiles are on the screen at the same time.

Match-3 Component Super Cute Icons

Work Process Optimization

Still, the highlight of this project for our studio specifically lies in the work process optimization. We streamlined our workflow, employed a variety of scripts and tools, and used an automatic render. Such an investment in optimization and automation allowed us to efficiently deal with a large number of 3D images required for the game and made us prepared for taking on bigger projects in the future.

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Our team of talented professionals invests in the efficiency of the work process that allows us to take on big projects and use our creativity to make each game unique. We do 3D and 2D art for a variety of game genres and have a large portfolio of previous projects that you can check here.

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