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Greet a wide collection of airplanes WW2! Detailed, accurate and realistic 3D models help to feel the strength and power of the Air Force. Airplanes design was created by RetroStyle Games for an air-combat action game “Flying Tigers: Shadows over China”.

3D Modeling Airplane Texturing WW2 P-40 B Warhawk Flying Tigers AVG

Flying Tiger 3D Model

Each 3d airplane model was made with love and passion for military aviation. All rigging, every detail of the airplane drawn with historical accuracy. Like this tiger on the American P-40B, who was fighting against the Japanese in China in a squad named “Flying Tigers”.

3D Modeling Airplane Texturing WW2 Hurricane

To achieve incredible visual accuracy, the team of the RetroStyle Games explored the history of the 2WW and researched technical and visual characteristics of each warplane that took part in the air combat above China.

3D Modeling Airplane Texturing WW2 Polikarpov I-16

3D Modeling for Wargames

Before starting 3D modeling, the crew of RetroStyle Games was inspired by Microsoft Flight Simulator and amazing wargames like “War Thunder”. It helped them to do painstaking work in creating 3D airplane models with adoreness to the Air Force.

3D Modeling Airplane Texturing WW2 Lockheed P-38 Lightning

The game design team has added various colours, army markings and pilot`s stickers for each airplane type. Those details, with shiny fuselage and cockpit glass made 3D airplane models look so realistic!

3D Modeling Airplane Zoom Texturing WW2 B-25 Mitchell Bomber

Сomplexity Game Art Services

Crew recreated in detail 3D models of all airplanes of the WW2 Pacific Theater: from light warplanes like Japanese Zero, to B-25 Mitchell or even legendary Flying Fortress! RetroStyle Games provides Game Art Services of any complexity and 3d airplane modeling for “Flying Tigers: Shadows over China” is just one of our projects.

3D Modeling Set Different Airplane WW2 Airman Bomber SSSR USAAF AVG

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