Warrior Dwarf: Fantasy Character Art and Animation

Warrior Dwarf Fantasy Character 3D Art Animation

A new fantasy character in our collection, Warrior Dwarf. Our client, a game & software development studio N-hance Studio, asked us to make 3D character art and animation for the demo version of their new Action RPG.

RetroStyle Games specializes in fantasy character development and the process of making this character was similar to the one in our other projects like Celtic Tribes, Storm Wars, and Magic Arena.

Dwarf Character 3D Model Sculpting Retopology Concept


We were provided with references, a character description, and exact technical specifications which allowed us to get to work straight away. As a typical dwarf, our character had to be short, have broad shoulders, thick arms, and large hands. We were also asked to give him low-detail armor and a weapon. N-hance Studio already had a few characters that we could use as our style guides.

Dwarf Character 3D Model Sculpting Process

Our guy’s red hair references his Celtic folklore roots and features fancy hair beads. He has an authoritative belly and wears cumbersome armor matching his body type. His hammer has beautiful ornaments on it and its size is bigger than the character himself, telling about his strength. In one day, we had the concept art and agreed on the version with the client.

Fantasy Warrior Dwarf 3D Modeling Rigged Skinned

3D Modeling

With utmost expertise in game modeling, our 3D artists took the character from the concept art through all the stages of 3D modeling: sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, and texturing.

Then they rigged and skinned the character, getting him ready to be animated. The dwarf acquired chest armor, a cloak, and a helmet, making him more presentable. We made the metal armor look battered to represent the battle history of the warrior. The 3D modeling of the character and his weapon took us around 7 days.

Workflow video

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