Military Pilot – Gameready 3D Characters

Besides 3D models of airplanes, RetroStyle Games also created full game-ready 3D characters of the pilots for the game “Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China”. Artists thoroughly drew helmets, glasses, oxygen masks, boots and every fold on the jumpsuits. Everything to make them realistic.

Artists of RetroStyle games tried to make 3D characters historically accurate: from uniforms and marks of warring nations, to race and tone of skin. 3D models of the pilots went through sculpting, retopology and texturing before getting ready to sit in a cockpit of warplanes. Fully rigged and skinned 3D characters prepared to soar into the air.

The team of RetroStyle Games can provide any 3D Game Design for any kind of project. Professionalism and creativity — that’s what RetroStyle Games about.

Working hand-in-hand with us will ensure you time and cost saving, high-quality content and efficient scaling of your art team.