King of the Board – Characters 3D Modeling and Animation

Auto battler games like Auto Chess, Dota Underlords, and Teamfight Tactics gained immense popularity over the last few years. King of the Board by StandArts is one of the upcoming games in this genre, and our team helped the developers create 3D characters and outsourced animation promo materials for the game.

3D Stylized Chess Modeling Rigging Animation Animals Griffin

King of the Board goes up against experienced competitors, and outstanding 3D Character Design may help developers to stand out among the competition. Our artists are highly experienced in this area and created a broad range of full-fledged 3D Character models based on Character Concept Art and illustrations.

3D Character Stylized Chess

RetroStyle games utilized the full-cycle 3D modeling approach when creating 3D fantasy characters for the game. The process consists of sculpting, retopology, UVW unwrapping, texturing, rigging, and skinning. Screenshots below illustrate different stages of the process:

All of the 3D character models in auto battler games must be highly detailed, and their skills and abilities must be easily recognizable, and the full-cycle 3D modeling approach helps to produce suitable 3D character models. The screenshot below illustrates the diversity of game character designs created by our team:

Game 3D Modeling Stylized Character Real-Time King of the Board

All of the 3D Character Models created by RetroStyle Games art outsourcing studio are well-optimized to facilitate smooth rendering and guarantee outstanding performance. Our artists can create stylized character models for projects of different size and scope.

Rigging and Animation

All of the 3D Character Models created for the game are fully rigged and skinned. CAT rigging is an essential aspect of 3D modeling because it helps to create in-game animations and poses. Our artists are experienced in this area and excel at the creation of highly detailed animations for projects in different genres.

  • Game 3D Modeling Character Rigging Animation Ragdoll Simulation Cerberus
  • Game 3D Modeling Character Rigging Animation Ragdoll Simulation Griffin

Fully rigged and skinned 3d character models may be used to create demo reels, promo renders, and app promo videos. Our team can be trusted to create high-quality promo materials that stand out. Please check out some of the promo materials created by our team:

CG Animation and Rendering

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