3D Game Art

Next-Gen Characters, Low-poly Modeling and Texturing

We love 3D Modeling and CG Animation. Be it realistic or stylized art direction.

It’s a pleasure to see how real-time game asset is born starting from Zbrush sculpt or Hard-Surface 3D model.
Our team also handles full-cycle production concerning Isometric (pre-rendered) game sprites, similar to Fardenscapes, Farmscapes, Clash of Clans games.

Contact us now to Scale up your art production, Save time and Money!

Pirates Multiplayer game - Unity 3D assets

Real-time 3D Modeling
3d modeling filibuster pirates island assets

Cartoon Animals

Next-Gen Characters/Low-poly Modeling

Isometric cartoon

Next-Gen Characters/Low-poly Modeling

Random characters

Next-Gen Characters/Low-poly Modeling

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