3D Game Models and Unity Assets

We love 3D Modeling and CG Animation. Be it realistic or stylized art direction.
On this page presented mobile-friendly game models from our Legacy 3D modeling portfolio.
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CG Animation 3D Modeling Rigging Skinning Rendering Cross-Link

3D Art Outsourcing, Modeling and Animation Services

Our team of 3D modelers has a vast experience in creating Real-Time Characters, Unity Assets for 3D games, Video Game props, etc.

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It’s a pleasure to see how real-time game asset is born starting from Zbrush sculpt or Hard-Surface 3D model.
Our team also handles full-cycle production concerning Isometric (pre-rendered) game sprites, similar to Fardenscapes, Farmscapes, Clash of Clans games.

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3d modeling filibuster pirates island assets

Unity Assets and Video Game Props

We create various stylized and realistic 3D characters as well as environment assets of different complexity, doing rendering in Unity with Materials, Shaders and Textures.

Our 3D artists created a mass of unique exemplary 3D assets and characters for different game projects.

3D Animals Models

Our 3D modeling services includes creating a great number of Real-time 3D animal characters, such as stylized dogs – bull dog, retriever, shepherd, beagle; wild animals – bear, polar bear, wild boar, fox, etc. All animal 3D models are rigged, skinned and idly animated.

3D Environment and Cartoon Buildings

Our Team models Unity/Unreal Game-engine assets, which can be further used both as real-time models or as pre-rendered isometric sprites.

3D Character Models

The full cycle of 3D character modeling involves 2D concept creation, sculpting in Zbrush, further retopology of 3D model, texturing (using stylized or PBR textures) and final assembly in Unity or other game engine, including skinning, rigging and animation.

We turn a sketch into meticulously crafted and lifelike 3D character.

Airplane project

Art studio

We create 3D models with love and passion.
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