Apocalyptic Wheels: Realistic Bike
& Armageddon Bugg

Inspired by post-apocalyptic ideas, we at RetroStyle Games decided to create vehicle assets that will give players incredible sensations of speed, drive, and adrenaline. No one can silence this engine! Get behind the wheel and get ready for a great adventure.

Apocalyptic Wheels Realistic Doomsday Motorcycle Armageddon Buggy

Download it from CGTrader, Artstation, TurboSquid, Unreal and Unity Asset Store today and start creating your post-apocalyptic world with the best assets available!

Concept and Modeling

The first stage of the work, of course, is creating the concept. What could be cooler than a world after the apocalypse? Of course, surviving in this world! That’s what our team of artists thought and set out to find references, brainstorm, and make the first sketches of future assets.

Realistic 3D Models of Zombie Apocalypse Motorcycles

Doomsday Motorcycle

Our team of artists studied dozens of references to create the most detailed model of a motorcycle with a lightweight body, but a powerful engine. It’s equipped with spikes to make it harder for your enemies to reach you and a powerful headlight to illuminate the road at night.

Realistic Zombie Apocalypse Buggy 3D Model for Games

While working on the design of our doomsday bike, we tried to capture the spirit of the post-apocalypse in every detail.

Armageddon Buggy

If you are in favor of power and strength, we suggest you take the wheel of this giant. Huge massive tires, sturdy chains, and metal rods that will protect you from enemy attacks. This buggy has gathered all the best qualities: speed, endurance, and shock resistance. So be sure the game will be thrilling!

Video Overview

To evaluate the work of our entire team, we invite you to watch this short video. Just imagine how these assets can come to life and become a part of your gaming world.

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