Art Outsourcing for Games – Portfolio Updated and More

New Office Place

At last we have moved to the new office place with lovely retro/loft design featuring Space Invaders, Pac-man and Bomberman mosaics. Landscape panorama looks awesomely cool from 26th floor.
Team’s motivation already doubled here!


Portfolio Update

We have removed some of the outdated 2D/3D images from various categories of our art outsourcing portfolio. Added more than 30 new images mostly to Characters, Sprites and 3D Modeling pages.

Also we have a new Art Outsource Services overview page with better layout: (inspired by “Breaking Bad” series)

Team would like to thank all of the art outsource clients for their interesting projects! We are growing and looking for new, awesome collaborations already.

Among announced or released projects we would like to feature:
Kobojo – epic semimonthly 2D art production for Pyramid Valley (vector) and Atlantis Fantasy (raster) games (including sprite animations using Kobojo’s in-house software).

SteamPower1830 (online beta) – first Railroad Tycoon-inspired HTML5 strategy, playable using browser on any device. We created pre-rendered isometric 3D sprites for that game. This complex project deserves a separate making-of post.

Spooky Bonus – in 2013 we finished full art production for 5 match-3 games, but this relatively quick Halloween-themed project for some reason was the most memorable one.

Code Combat – is cool play-to-learn coding online game. We did a lot of various Flash-based assets and animations for them and currently keep working on continuous artwork updates together.

Slot Games – was a hot topic in 2D art outsourcing and development last year. Ranging from candy-themed illustrations to sexy pin-up girls characters. Unfortunately we can show only small portion of what we have worked on, please check next categories from our art production portfolio:


Gallery Engine Update

We have changed our gallery engine once again, from TN3 gallery to Fotorama:
This one is so much better than TN3 was, featuring:
– Touch devices navigation support
– Better Keyboard navigation
– Better image/thumbnails loading
– Better thumbnails navigation
– Video playback directly from gallery
Recent TN3 gallery features most of these in one or another way, but Fotorama is free and just better.


Site Update

In addition to Gallery changes we decided to move from our previous Liquidweb hosting to DigitalOcean VPS. For almost same money we are getting SSD-cloud server which works blazingly fast. Plus all the restrictions of shared hosting are removed (contacting of Liquidweb support was needed every time we were updating our blog or portfolio because of various glitches).

Games section of Site’s menu was re-organized into CSS dropdown menu to have a place for new games in future.

We did a numerous fixes and optimizations to make loading of RSG’s homepage faster.


Our Games

Zombie Run HD – passed 10000000 (ten million) downloads mark in 2013 and still is our best earning game project so far. We have ~10-15k organic installs each day.
App Store:
Google Play:

We are working on two new games currently, but most likely they will be released earlier in 2014.


3D Models

It also worth mentioning that “RetroStyle Games” continue to share various 3D game models (mostly real-time) using 3D stocks, specifically on Turbosquid:
Recently we made available our quality Pirates models with more than $1200 total discount.

Be sure to check catalog and bookmark us. Free stuff is coming.