Art outsourcing for Razor’s Ultra Pro Rider iPhone game

RetroStyleGames congratulates Razor scooter’s company with 10th anniversary and release of AWESOME and FREE “Ultra Pro Rider” iPhone game.

It was a pleasure to take part in creation of that game. We were asked to create pre-rendered game sprites: 3 Main characters, Scooters, various Environment Props and some misc elements.  In final we have created more than 150 pre-rendered sprite sequences and around 16 unique animations.

We have started our work for Razor’s “Ultra Pro Rider” game with rough character concepts and test 3D character:

3 characters were chosen from over 20 variants by Razor’s producer.
We have provided slightly developed illustrations of couple of game characters for modeling and other purposes:

It was time to do 3D sculpting, modeling and texturing for main characters and some props:

Meanwhile our 2D artists did some graffiti to decorate environment:

To handle big amount of pre-rendered sprites that were sharing same 3D rig and animations we have built pretty interesting and effective work-flow  It allowed to save a lot of time and costs using animation re-projection and clever layer management. This way it was possible to re-use animation of one scooter rider on second character with minimal polishing.
As we mentioned it before, in final there was around 16 approved animations multiplied by 3 characters and 3 different scooters.

Also you can find out more information and examples on 3D and 2D Art Outsourcing here: