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If you want to create your own game in the Match-3 genre, feel free to reach out – we know how to make a match-3 game successful. 

Meet the new game we’ve been working on –  Berry Match: Emily’s World.
Our outsourcing team had the pleasure of collaborating with the game developers VUVY.

Berry Match game icon with match-3 elements and manor
Progression of match-3 game background from sketch to color garden scene concept art game ripped 3D models
create your own matching game with game studio game icons for match-3 game
Collection of match-3 game icons and power-ups with dynamic visual effects
Evolution of match-3 game interior art from grayscale model to final vibrant design Match 3 Game Background royalty-free images
three in a row matching game UI for Iphone devices
Match-3 game kitchen artwork showcasing the development from 3D model to polished art Building a match-3 game (like Candy Crush) in Unity

Design for Match-3 game

You already understood that the design for Match 3 games is super important.

The unique art style of Berry Match draws inspiration from the best match 3 games like Merge Hotel and the well-known Royal Match styles.
We personally observe a trend towards integrating Merge Mechanics in modern mobile games. Games that include merging mechanics, with their drag-and-merge gameplay, are taking top positions. The simplicity of these games, combined with the instant gratification they provide to users, makes them absolute hits. You can check out our other projects in our portfolio. We can make match games for any device, for example, providing iPhone game development services. 

And hey, speaking of game design, if you’re thinking about creating your own mobile game, consider our Android game development services. Berry Match: Emily’s World promises lots of fun as you understand its unique design and merge mechanics.

How we create cool Match-3 game icons that will blow your mind

Three in-a-row matching game icons are important because:

  • they make the game visually appealing, drawing players in;
  • icons help players quickly recognize and differentiate between different game elements, making the game more enjoyable;
  • well-designed icons provide guidance during gameplay, indicating matches or special power-ups;
  • icons can contribute to the game’s storytelling, making it more immersive;
  • they serve as rewards, marking achievements and progress;
  • memorable icons contribute to brand recognition, making the game stand out.


We’ve crafted assets at various stages of destruction, showing the evolution of elements like this box. We also added visual effects like water, light waves and so on. Playing with different lighting techniques, we’ve reimagined each asset to suit specific situations – take a look at the chest in five different positions.

When you’re making a Match-3 game, spice it up with cool stuff like bombs, rockets, chests, and hammers. We add these interactive elements to make sure players stay excited as they move through the levels, keeping the game fresh and never boring.

Our creative team focuses on making icons that not only look cool but also add a fun twist to the game. Each icon serves a purpose, bringing new excitement and strategy for players to enjoy.

Join us in creating Match-3 game icon design that will make your game unforgettable. We aim to make every level a unique adventure, keeping players hooked and wanting more.

What are Meta Layers | Why your Match-3 game can't do without them

Meta layers are extra stuff in the game that adds to the main gameplay but isn’t the most important part. They’re not the main game mechanics, and they don’t take up most of the game. Developers use meta layers for different reasons.

Meta layers are like extra toppings in a game – they support the main gameplay but aren’t the main thing. Developers use them for a few reasons:

Add Variety. They make the game more interesting and deep.

Make More Money. Meta layers create chances for extra income on top of the main game.

Get More Players. They attract a bigger audience by offering something special.


Keep Players Interested. Meta layers make players want to keep playing.

These layers also help get different kinds of players. For example, a match-3 game with a meta layer might interest players who like decorating, stories, or fashion – not just the usual match-3 audience.

And here’s the cool part: Meta layers are not just for decoration; they can also make the game makers more money.
While the main game brings in most of the money, the extra stuff in meta layers can convince players to spend more.

Sure, just dragging Match-3 elements on the board would be kinda lame, right? Imagine going beyond the basic matching gameplay – that’s where Meta Layers come in. It’s not just about swapping tiles; it’s about adding a whole new layer of depth and excitement to your game. 

Meta Layers bring a sense of progression and strategy, making your Match-3 game not just a casual experience but a game where players can enhance their skills and unlock new features. So, if you want your game to stand out, embrace the power of Meta Layers and watch your players get hooked.

Still don't want to make YOUR OWN Match-3 game?

Mobile technology changed how we play games, especially match 3 games. They used to be only on computers, but now they’re on phones, making them a part of our daily lives. Mobiles made Match 3 games simpler and more colorful for small screens, and you can play them whenever you have a few free minutes.

Mobiles also made match 3 games more social. Now, you can connect with friends, compete, and have more fun while playing. It’s not just a game anymore; it’s a part of our daily social life. It’s time to consider the possibilities you might be missing out on. Match-3 games offer a unique blend of simplicity and engagement, making them a favorite among players worldwide.

Now, imagine having your own Match-3 game with a twist! Something unique and that stands out.

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