Bonbons Crush Legend – Full Match-3 Game Art Production

Match-3 Game Map and Background

Our team develops a full-stack graphic and GUI for an explosive and interesting candy & cake Match-3 puzzle game Bonbons Crush Legend in casual style for IOS and Android. Including in-game GUI, backgrounds, maps, icons, characters, cakes, splash screen and other game elements created by RetroStyle Games.

Bonbons 2D Game Art Main Menu Character

This is a series of maps created for the Match-3 mobile game. The goal was to come up with a simple, yet colorful design for each level background. RetroStyle Games artists created very fun levels on since the idea was to show the world full of enjoyment and kindness. Along the journey player will have new and new content all the way, various and unique locations.

Mixing 2D and 3D in Game Art

Our task was to make a delicious visual style. The result exceeded all expectations and arouses appetite. We use and blend different game art styles, so it’s hard to keep up with where the line is drawn between 2D and 3D. The extensive experience of RetroStyle Games artists in creating game graphics made it possible to make the game really attractive and “tasteful”.

Match-3 Game UI

The pack of graphics and UI that we have made for a Bonbons Crush Legend project. Clean yet bright and playful gameplay UI that complements the game tiles. A clear, bright and non-overloaded interface will help the player quickly navigate and immerse himself in the game flow. It’s like a fun walk through a sweet theme park. GUI is designed so that character and UI harmonize well on the screen. Since it is a casual game that can be enjoyed with simple manipulation, we designed intuitive icons.

Character Design and Icons

You’ll never walk alone playing this game. RetroStyle Games team created cute cartoon-style companions for players. They will be helping you through. In this case, we depicted a cheerful, very friendly-looking girl represented as a Bonbons Crush Legend symbol.

In games like that, a player sees the icons most of the time, so they must look nice and at the same time be clear and understandable. It’s a unique element of visual communication that reflects the main characteristics of the game. We did them in a way their design does not distort the game but still made them cool and fun.

Game Logo Design

The main game logo contains a number of tiny details and reflects key characteristics of a Bonbons Crush Legend game. The main version of the logo is to be used in all types of visual communications. It shows the core of the game – a fun, bright and delicious journey in a sweet world. We tested different options and achieved the most optimal.

Bonbons 2D Game Concept Art Main Logo

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