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Candy Crush Saga, positioning itself among gaming legends even in the dynamic world of mobile applications, was downloaded by millions of players worldwide. Developed by King company, it quickly won the hearts of players with its simple yet captivating gameplay and cheerful design. It revolutionized the gaming industry, proving that even a simple mobile game can generate billions in revenue. 

Candy Saga was a significant breakthrough in design. The game raised the bar for the match-3 genre, demonstrating that a successful combination of straightforward rules with engaging gameplay can make the audience interested.

Watching the insane success of this game, many developers had a question: How to make a game like Candy Crush?

Impacting the gaming world, Candy Saga inspired a new project – Bonbons Crush Legend

Bonbons 2D Game Art Main Menu Character

This game was inspired by Candy Saga, and we proudly announce that our studio had the honor of participating in its creation.

Candy Crush Saga opened the doors to a world of possibilities in game design, proving that simplicity can still be a successful key to triumph in the entertainment industry. New projects like Bonbons Crush Legend aim to continue this path, bringing enjoyment to millions of players worldwide.

Game Art & Levels like in Candy Crush

Candy Crush is famous for its legendary levels and unique art style. Its bright colors and challenging puzzles have made it a huge hit in the gaming world. Bonbons Crush was inspired by Candy Crush graphics.

Our team was lucky to be a part of its development, and we tried to capture the same essence that made Candy Crush so popular. It is similar to its predecessor, but it also has its own unique twists and challenges.

The levels in Bonbons Crush offer a fresh perspective on the Candy Crush stylized genre. While paying homage to the core Candy Crush elements that made it a beloved classic, Bonbons Crush introduces innovative mechanics and challenges that set it apart.

The game strikes a balance between familiarity and novelty, creating an engaging experience for both long-time fans and newcomers alike.
So, our
 goal was to come up with a simple, yet colorful design for each level background. Along the journey players will have new and new content all the way, various and unique locations.

Candy Crush Stylized Symbols and Elements

Candy Crush symbols and elements are what make the game unique. Bonbons Crush has some things that are similar to Candy Sweet Legend, because Candy Sweet Legend is a popular game with the same kind of visuals. This makes Bonbons Crush feel familiar and nostalgic, but it is still its own unique game. 

In games of this genre, match 3 icons hold a significant role as players interact with them continuously. The priority lies in designing game icon design that is not only pleasant to the eye but also easily recognizable and intuitive, like Candy Crush icons.
(btw, read about how to design a good game icon here)

Bonbons 2D Game Art Match-3 Icon Candy Jelly

The way Bonbons Crush Legend looks is very appealing and makes you want to play. Art in Candy Crush is both in 3D and 2D. The artists at RetroStyle Games mixed different art styles together to create a world that is between 2D and 3D. This makes the game more visually interesting.

It’s also important to create a good candy game background, so the user will be comfortable playing the game while feeling the aesthetic of any Candy Crush saga background.

  • Bonbons 2D Game Art Match-3 Icon Candy Crush
  • Bonbons 2D Game Art Match-3 Icon Chest Boost

Candy Crush themed UI design

In games like Candy, the user interface (UI) serves as the bridge of communication between the player and the virtual world, influencing engagement and navigation.

We can learn a lot about how to design good game interfaces by looking at Candy Crush. The interface is easy to use, looks great, and makes the game fun. This shows how important UI design is for games like Candy Crush.

If you are a game developer and want to make a successful game like Candy Crush, we can help you design a great user interface. We know how to design interfaces that are both easy to use and attractive. Our team can help you by providing Game UI/UX Design Services, making your game more recognizable among others, and keeping players engaged.

Candy Crush-inspired Character Design

The talented team at RetroStyle Games has brought to life charming cartoon companions for players. Among Candy Crush characters are a delightful girl with rosy hair and her snowman companion. Inspired by the iconic Candy Crush Princess, our team reimagined her with a touch of sophistication, infusing a more mature and feminine essence. 

Bonbons 2D Game Concept Art Character

These companions are designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also to improve the overall gaming experience, adding an extra layer of charm to the world of Bonbons Crush Legend.

Bonbons 2D Game Concept Art Character Snowman, candy crush stylized character

Stylized Candy Crush logo

We looked closely at the Candy Crush art, especially the logo, when designing the logo for Bonbons Crush. We studied the fonts, colors, and images that make the Candy Crush logo so recognizable. It has a lot of small details that show the game’s key features. 

The Bonbons Crush logo is similar to the Candy Crush logo, but it also has its own unique style. This makes Bonbons Crush look like a part of the Candy Crush family, but it also makes it stand out as its own game.

Bonbons logo will be used on all the marketing materials for the game. It shows the fun journey through a bright, sweet world, which is a core part of the game.

Bonbons 2D Game Concept Art Main Logo

We also thought about how the Bonbons Crush logo would look on different platforms, like Google Play.
We made a version of the logo without any text so that it would be more recognizable on smaller screens.

Not only that, but we also made a version of the logo for splash screens, which are the screens that players see when they first open the game.

To make a logo that looks like the Candy logo, you need to use bright colors, fun fonts, and iconic images. 

If you need help designing a logo for your game, we can help. Our team specializes in Game Logo Design creating cool logos that resonate with your target audience.

Create Candy Crush Game | Learning from best practices

Making a game like Candy Crush is a good idea because it can be very profitable.

How much money does Candy Crush make?

According to Priori Data in 2021, Candy Crush reported having $1.21 billion in revenue.

Candy Crush game revenues by year, infographic

How to make a Candy Crush stylized game?

There are outsourced companies (like RetroStyleGames) that can help you make your game, and if you are creative and have the right resources, your game can be successful.

It is normal to borrow ideas from successful games (PS: If you already have an idea for the game, you can learn about how to pitch it in our article).
When you use mechanics and design choices that have already been proven to work, you are more likely to make a successful game.


Tips and Strategies for Game Developers:


1.) Focus on User Experience (UX). Prioritize an intuitive and engaging user interface. Clear navigation and visually appealing elements are key.

2.) Balanced Gameplay. Strike a balance between challenge and accessibility. Levels should provide a sense of accomplishment without overwhelming players.

3.) Incorporate Monetization Wisely. Implement in-app purchases or ads in a way that enhances the gaming experience rather than interrupting it.

4.) Engage with the Community. Connect with your player base through forums, social media, or in-game features like feedback forms. This can provide invaluable insights and foster a loyal user community.

5.) Regular Updates. Keep the game fresh with periodic updates, introducing new levels, challenges, and features to maintain player interest.

6.) Optimize for Mobile Devices. Given the popularity of mobile gaming, ensure your game is optimized for various screen sizes and devices.

7.) Test, Iterate, and Test Again. Conduct thorough testing to identify and address any issues or areas for improvement.

Remember, creating a successful game is a journey that involves creativity, dedication, and an understanding of your audience.
By applying these strategies and learning from established successes, you can create a game that is similar to
Candy Crush design.

The Future of Candy Crush Stylized Mobile Games

The future of Candy Crush-inspired game design holds exciting possibilities.

We anticipate several trends that may shape this genre:


  1. Utilizing machine learning and player data, games can adapt and customize gameplay experiences to suit individual preferences, creating a more tailored and satisfying experience. A Candy Crush-inspired game that may include advanced machine learning algorithms. As players progress through levels, the game tracks their interactions, noting which types of candies they prefer to match and their preferred strategies for tackling challenging puzzles. Using this data, the game’s AI system learns about each player’s unique play style. For example, it might recognize that a player excels at creating special candy combinations or prefers to focus on clearing specific types of candies.
  2. Imagine a game in the style of Candy Crush, where players, using VR, can align candies in all possible directions. Yes, we’re not talking about the movie “Interstellar,” but rather a regular game that can already be created using VR technology.
  3. Gaming across various devices, from mobile to console to PC, will become prevalent, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games regardless of their chosen platform.
  4. The use of blockchain technology for in-game assets and transactions could revolutionize the gaming industry, offering players true ownership of virtual items and creating new monetization models.
  5. Further integrating social features, such as real-time multiplayer modes and social leaderboards, can enhance player engagement and foster a sense of community within the game.
  6. With a growing focus on sustainability and ethical practices, game developers may increasingly incorporate eco-friendly elements into their designs and consider the environmental impact of their games.


To all aspiring game developers and designers, we encourage you to take these projections as inspiration to delve into your own projects. The future of game design is shaped by bold experimentation and innovative thinking.

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, explore new technologies, and create experiences that captivate and delight players. Your unique vision and creativity can contribute to the making of home design games like Candy Crush and the broader gaming industry as a whole.

We create Candy-Crush stylized games with love and passion.
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