Bubble Panda Shooter | 2D Animation and Backgrounds Design

Bubble Panda Legend: Blast Pop is a new mobile game for iOS and Android that we had the great delight of working on.
The main reference for the artists of RetroStyle Games was the well-loved game Bubble Shooter

Bubble Panda Legend Blast Pop Shooter Game Art

Match-3 and UI Elements

Using concept drawings provided by our customers and other studios, our artists created the match-3 elements and game features of the UI.
We employed a combination of 2D and 3D techniques.

Mobile game shop uI

We also did UI/UX design as part of the full-cycle development of the game. Ease of use is critical for all players.
As a result, we’ve built an easy-to-use store where you can buy special offers, replenish your life balance, and modify basic settings.

2D Panda Character Design

The main character of the game Bubble Legend: Blast Pop is a friendly, cheerful Panda who is always ready for adventure.
We developed a concept, agreed on it with our client, and made the 2D character come alive using a spin animation.

Panda 2D Character Design Emotions Movements Concept

Game Map

For this project, we drew the 2D game maps so that the player can move through the levels and explore new areas during the game.
We have created landscapes that are full of light, life, and charm. 

Each map is themed and dedicated to a particular culture. Tall glass buildings, bridges and rivers, quiet and cozy Chinese gardens.
Our artists put a lot of effort into making each place look amazing and inspiring.


The distant shores of America or the unexplored corners of Asia. Backgrounds play an important role in maximizing immersion in the gameplay.
Our artists have drawn several mysterious backscapes in which fog and neon glow are combined.

Game Objects

Creating unique game objects takes a long time, but the final result is well worth it.
A basic package of multi-colored balls and boosters shaped like four elements: lava, ice, iron, and lightning

To complicate the process of the game, our artists created 2D bubble elements covered with cobwebs or greenery.

Game Logo Design

It’s difficult to conceive of a game without a logo. RetroStyle Games’ artists have expert knowledge in creating colorful and eye-catching logos.
For this game, we created various options, presented them to the customer, and agreed on the best one together.

Logo Design Colorful Eye catching Bubble Panda Style

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