Carnival – 2D Backgrounds and Puzzles

Various backgrounds and puzzle backgrounds for Carnival mobile game from Haiku.


  • carnival character concepts poses
  • carnival character concepts poses

Exterior and Interior Game Puzzle Backgrounds

midnight 2d carnival full art sheet1 backgrounds
midnight 2d carnival full art sheet2 puzzles
midnight 2d carnival full art sheet3 characters
  • carnival park carousel horse clown
  • carnival backstage dressing room costumes
  • carnival diorama puzzle circus arena
  • carnival exterior gypsy wagon
  • carnival interior purple swirl room
  • carnival interior dollmakers workshop
  • carnival interior doll shop characters
  • carnival ritual chamber characters magic
  • carnival stepping stones puzzle
  • carnival clown puzzle ball skittles
  • carnival pose puzzle dummy tool
  • two game puzzle posters, old stylized

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