Catwoman ZBrush 3D model & Fan Art | Stealing the Diamond

This time meet Catwoman, who tries to steal the diamond.

Sculpting stage in Zbrush took one day. One more day for our art outsourcing specialists took texturing and rendering in Keyshot with some post-processing and over-painting

Superhero artwork depicting Catwoman suspended from a rope, clutching a luminous diamond against a cityscape background

And here is WIP preview of 3D model:

Detailed grayscale 3D model renders of Catwoman in various poses, highlighting design intricacies

As usual, you can download 1920×1080 PNG (no compression) variant of Catwoman – Stealing the Diamond fan-art:

Plus Zbrush 3D source scene with Catwoman in posed state

If 3D Catwoman model and art weren’t enough for you, our artists have prepared some more Catwoman fan art in a different styles

Artistic portrayal of two figures with dramatic black and silver face paint, adorned with pointed headpieces, set against a dark starry background
A stylized illustration of Catwoman with teal hair, donning her iconic black suit and mask, posed against an urban backdrop
Artistic depiction of Catwoman, showcasing her distinctive teal curls and black leather attire, set against a soft background

Thanks for watching and remember that only Catwoman can steal diamonds
(we strongly advise you not to do it in real life).