Disney Stylized 3D Animation and
CG Trailer | Cinderella: Magic Match 3 Game

Disney princesses have remained popular because they reflect societal values and ideals over time.
They embody qualities like bravery, kindness, and resilience, which resonate with audiences.

Nika Games, known for their mobile hit “Cinderella: Magic Match 3 Game,” has asked us to create a short, enchanting CG trailer. This trailer will show Cinderella’s transformation from a poor servant to a beloved princess. It needs to capture the charm and appeal of Disney’s animation style, which is quite unique for a match-3 game.

The aim is to mix a good old story with a fairy tale style.

This story and specific match 3 game art style is unique for a match-3 game, don't you think?

Disney Stylized Animation Process

Creating animation in Disney's style is a complex task.

It requires attention to detail, a deep understanding of Disney's design aesthetic, and coordinated teamwork for a game animation studio.

The process starts with previsualization, where rough 3D models and basic animations are created to plan the flow and pace of the trailer. 

The Modern Previsualization of disney princesses, 3D CGI Storyboard
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Disney animation storyboard, Storyboard for Game Trailer
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Create a 3D Disney Type Character in Blender, Animation Storyboard

Disney Princess Character Design

We focused on expressive faces and exaggerated features. We paid special attention to Cinderella’s big, emotional eyes and graceful demeanor.

We also followed classic Disney proportions to make the 3D character model of Cinderella attractive and true to her character, so both the characters and the scenes maintain the authentic Disney 3D art style.

Here we present the pre-visualization process in two steps: adding details and overpainting.

The first step includes rough models, and the second step enhances the scenes with more detail and color, rendering a Disney style animation in Blender. This process helps in achieving a polished and magical final look.

Disney Environment Design

Our 3D environment design is made to transport viewers into a magical world.

We used bright colors and dynamic lighting to enhance the sense of magic in every scene. 

Each scene is carefully crafted to maintain the enchanting Disney style, making sure every element contributes to the story’s magical atmosphere.

an isometric disney fantasy map of a continent, Disney's architecture
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Disney stylized kingdom, 3D fairy background
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Wrapping Up

Reflecting on the success of this project, we are incredibly proud of the work our team has accomplished. The dedication and creativity that went into maintaining the authentic Disney style, from character design to fluid animation, have truly paid off. Each step, from the initial sketches to the final render, showed our team’s commitment to quality and consistency.

We encourage readers to make their own Disney characters. It’s a challenging yet rewarding journey that involves studying classic Disney-style animation, paying attention to details, and maintaining consistency.

With the right tools and a passionate team, you too can create magical and enchanting stories that capture the hearts of audiences. Remember, the key to success lies in perseverance, creativity, and a love for storytelling.

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