Nifty League – Pixel styled 3D Characters and Environment Design

Nifty League Pixel Styled 3D Characters Environment Design

Why do we love NFT projects at RetroStyle Games? Because here our team can get creative and the result will definitely exceed the client’s expectations.
That’s exactly what happened with the fun and colorful project Nifty League, which we were lucky enough to work on and showcase all of our professional talents. Let’s take a closer look at the work and creative process.

Pixel 3D Model Characters Design Unicorn Bull Brainman Shiba

About the project

This client approached our team with an unconventional request – to translate a 2D world and characters into a 3D plane. This is a stylized pixelated NFT project with a mix of fun mini-games with a touch of nostalgia.

Our game artists had a special pleasure working on this project because we had enough freedom to embody our bold ideas, but also communicated well with the client to ensure that the results closely matched the tasks set for us.

NFT Character Concept Assets Items Clothes Emotions

3D Characters

This project is rich in characters, each with their unique characteristics. And since we’re talking about NFTs, of course, character customization is present here. Our team has developed a pipeline for preparing dozens of different clothing and accessory options.

We also had to prepare a blend shape for each element to ensure that they are correctly displayed and look amazing.


To make all of our characters active and mobile, they needed unique animations and the ability to express their emotions.

Our specialists implemented facial animation by transferring information from Maya to Unity directly, using UV rotation with a hand-drawn texture set of emotions. We implemented this non-standard pipeline after careful and lengthy research.

Web3 Game Pixel 3D Characters Panda Bird Bear

3D Environment Modeling

Game environment has always been and remains one of the most important parts of any game. That’s why our artists pay maximum attention to this part of the work. For this project, we specially assembled a building generator so that different variations could be assembled with unique characteristics. This way, the 3D environment looks bright, colorful, and engaging, while also reflecting the overall mood and style of the game.

Web3 Gaming Character 3D Modeling Blocking Texturing Lighting Detailing
Web3 Gaming Character 3D Modeling Blocking Texturing Lighting Detailing Maya

Promo Video

Better to see once than to read several times. That’s what our team thought and created a short demo video where you can take a peek into the inner world of the project and appreciate the bright environment and unique art style from the very first seconds.

Our experience at NFT

Working on Nifty League is not a debut for our team. We already have more than one successfully implemented NFT project in our portfolio. So we have enough knowledge and experience to work in this field and combine games, art, and modern technologies to create amazing projects.

Web3 Game Environment Island Buildings

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