Сyberpunk 3D Model and Environment

It’s time to proudly introduce you to Cyberpunk Skater Girl!

She is a real-time 3D game character with unique design and rebellious temper. We also created for her a full-fledged 3D environment, full of high quality props, and looks like a suburb somewhere in California 2080-s.

The character and environment are optimized for Unity and Unreal Engines and can be quickly integrated into your project.  Stylized, high quality game-ready-assets 3D models are ready to view and download.

High Quality textures and materials

Created by using a variety of tools and softwares, such as: Blender, Substance 3D Designer and of course — Unity and Unreal Engine 5. All progs helped us to achieve a truly great look of 3D characters and 3D Location.

Ready in-game character for rigskin

The 3D game character was created in multilayers of work: sculpting, retopology, UV-mapping and texturing. And now, our cyberpunk girl is complete, full of charisma and fun, and prepared to make your 3D project successful.

А full set of props for creating a game location

Our team carefully blocked every object in the scene: from holographic ads and fast food, to trash on the street and even fallen palm leaves! Incredible set of props fills the 3D environment with the bright atmosphere of the future world. Each object is created for one purpose — to bring the 3D location to life.


– Triangles counts of characters: 16634
– Number of Textures: 190
– Texture Resolutions: 2048×2048 PBR textures were created as base.
– Included 74 Props and buildings.

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