Deadpool Fan Art | Chimichanga

Meet one of the leaders of the internal competition in our 2D Game Art company – the Deadpool character.

We all know how Deadpool loves Mexican food, specifically chimichanga.
But is that really the case?

deadpool 3 fan poster, superhero in red suit who throws shawarma

The thing is, the superhero in the red suit is actually lying to us – he never liked Mexican food!

The character himself admits this in episode 13 of Cable & Deadpool:

“This place makes the best Chimichanga on the island. Don’t even like Chimichangas all that much. I just love saying it. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga.”

We were extremely offended by this behavior from Deadpool, but we decided to draw him without chimichangas anyway.

Deadpool in a cape having dinner at his house

And here is the WIP illustration before the final polish:

deadpool Movie fan art, comic book style, chimichanga meme

As usual, you can download the 1920×1080 PNG (no compression) variant of Deadpool – Chimichanga fan art:

And thank you for your interest in our outsourced game art cases.