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Who doesn’t like multiplayer games where you can compete not with computer-controlled opponents but with each other? No one!
, or Massively Multiplayer Online games are exactly about that. When they first appeared in the gaming world, these games became extremely popular very fast. It’s because they can always create dynamic, competitive environments and an outstanding design of a survival game. As a result, these games give visual engagement and foster player skill development, social interaction, and community building. 

With our knowledge of the awesomeness of the MMO gaming genre, we are happy to present you with the MMO survival game Coreborn that we created together with other excellent game developers.

It’s already out on Steam so you can enjoy this outstanding project exactly from this moment.
Of course, it’s not the
best indie survival game yet but we’re trying to reach this point ;)

Promotional game art, two characters from MMO survival game, a fantasy landscape background

David P Chiu, director of developer relations and business development, has even researched maximizing player retention and monetization in free-to-play games. He discovered what makes MMO games so popular and successful.
They have one important principle:
more things to do = more players staying.

Take, for example, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Runescape. All these games are legends in the gaming world, and all are MMOs. Of course, this genre of games is highly competitive and often involves skill-based gameplay but players like that a lot. Also, there are a lot of other PC survival games, for instance, with ultra-core game art. This type of run-and-gun video game is very popular too.

Action-packed scene from a 3D fantasy game characters and mythical creatures Scenes for Engaging Survival PvP Game Design

Ark Stylized Character Design

The ark-stylized character design became one of the most important inspiration sources for our game designers. Especially great influence had such a game as Ark: Survival Evolved. This PC survival game‘s character creation system is notable for its extensive customization options. From your appearance to a celebrity’s look, this game offers players a wide range of features to personalize their in-game avatars.

Variations and character customization of Ark: Survival Evolved have inspired Blankhans (Coreborn developers), so they set up a goal to reach similar goals in their game. In general, such a level of customization impacts the success of multiplayer survival games

Due to this, our team of professional artists understood from the beginning: Coreborn should stand out with extensive character customization options.

As a result, players can customize various aspects of the ark survival evolved male and female models, including 6 facial features, body proportions, 7 hairstyles, and interesting costume designs. 

Progression of a 3D male character model for PVP survival games from wireframe to texturing and detailing
3D female character model progression from wireframe to fully textured the character design process in fantasy game development

With these options, we struck a balance between stylization and fantasy.
While the customization options allow for realistic human features,
our realistic character makers create a cohesive aesthetic that fits well within the MMO survival game and survival genre in general.

Also, in multiplayer settings, where player interaction is a key component, recognizable character designs foster a sense of familiarity within the community. This recognition can lead to stronger player bonds, alliances, and rivalries. As a result, our audience will feel a connection with each other, fostering a thriving and engaged gaming community. If you want to get such experience with your game, as our team did with Coreborn, you can always collaborate with our 3D character design studio.

From PC survival games to any other genre, we’re ready to bring your concepts and ideas to life and make them bright and engaging.
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3D Sword Models that WON'T Leave You Cold

We’re very attentive when it’s time to work with details. Especially if the talk is about weapons. In our latest project, the challenge was not just to create 3D sword models but to design blades that evoke emotion, tell a story, and leave a lasting impression on those who wield them.

For us, each sword is not just a piece of weaponry. We infused elements of lore and history into the design. Whether it’s a usual wood weapon or passed down through generations of metal blades, our swords have a tale to tell. But our swords are not only visually striking but also designed with practicality in mind. The balance, weight, and grip have been considered to ensure that these swords feel just as powerful in the virtual world as they look on screen.

Here is a sneak peek at five of our crafted swords:

  • The Wood Sword

Simple but reliable, this weapon will leave no trace of enemies.

  • The Stone & Wood Sword

For the strong protagonist, this weapon with notches from old attacks will be the only perfect solution.

  • The Metal Variations Sword

A lightning-infused sword will strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

  • The Metal Polished Sword 

An elegant and celestial sword with outstanding design, embodying the grace of a guardian.

  • The Metal Clean Sword

A colossal greatsword radiates power and strength.

A sequence of sword models weapon concept art for PVP online game

RPG Character Concept Art

Nothing breathes life into the virtual world game developers create than character concept art in RPGs.
It’s more than just a pretty picture; it’s a roadmap for storytelling, gameplay, and the player’s emotional journey.

So, why character concept art is so important? Concept art is the first glimpse players have into the personalities, backgrounds, and stories of the characters they will embody. It goes beyond aesthetics, conveying the essence of who these characters are and the roles they play in the game’s narrative.

Collection of 3D models Making Clothes for Video Games character customization and concept art headgear chest pieces and legwear

Of course, character designs create a connection between players and the virtual personas they control. A well-crafted concept can evoke a lot of positive emotions such as empathy, curiosity, or even intimidation. For developers, character concept art is very significant too.

It serves as a guiding light during the game development process. It helps define the visual style, sets the tone for character animations, and informs the creation of in-game 3D models.

NPC design is also important, so we suggest you check it out:

Animating NPCs for MMO Survival Game

Will Survival MMO games stay popular?

The popularity of MMO survival games continues to grow, driven by their unique blend of competition, cooperation, and the thrill of survival. But, in our opinion, the sustainability of their popularity depends on several factors.

Innovation in gameplay

The genre must continue to innovate and introduce fresh gameplay mechanics to keep players engaged.

Our team also tries to add new features, evolve existing ones, and provide unique experiences to the players of multiplayer survival games.

Balanced and fair gameplay

The balance between competition and fairness is delicate.

Continuous efforts to address issues such as cheating, hacking, or imbalances in the game contribute to a positive player experience and maintain the survival games genre reputation.

Community building

Cultivating a strong and positive gaming community is very important. This involves organizing events and providing platforms for community content creation.

A vibrant gaming community can significantly improve the game’s staying power.

bridge 3d models

This relates to 3D environment design

We suggest you take a look at the 3D bridge drawing that our team made for the Coreborn game.
Includes also wooden bridge models.

And finally, other elements of the game’s environment: fantasy 3D house, tent and game ruins assets!

So, we can say that MMO survival games have the potential to remain popular if developers continue to evolve the genre, prioritize player experience, and adapt to changing preferences.

As long as these elements are incorporated into the development and maintenance of the games, the survival MMO genre has a promising future, offering players exciting and dynamic experiences in the virtual worlds.

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