HOG Cursed Crown – 2D Character Illustration and Fantasy Backgrounds

RetroStyle Games was responsible for full game art production for a Haiku Games Project in the Adventure Escape series titled Cursed Crown. The game may be described as a hidden object puzzle adventure, and we created character art, backgrounds, puzzle art, and promo assets for the project.

2D art for Cursed Crown was inspired by high fantasy works like the Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and fantasy games. High fantasy is characterized by a well-developed world, the presence of magic users, fantastic beasts, and an epic plot. Our team tried to meet the demands of the fans of the genre by studying highly esteemed works and illustrations.

Haiku Cursed Crown 2D Characters background Game of Thrones

Character Concept Art

It can be challenging to create 2D art for a fantasy game because the expectations of players are set very high. Hence, our artists pay close attention to the smallest details and try to make sure that players are excited to meet wizards, druids, sorceresses, soldiers, and other game characters. We are especially proud of a dragon and a tree-like creature created by our artists.

Backgrounds Game Art

Art directors have to ensure that 2D backgrounds meet the standards and match the overall style of the game. We managed to combine different elements of fantasy architecture to depict a broad range of environments, including a throne room, a royal room, a balcony and others.

Haiku HOG 2D Background Entrance Throne Room Village
Haiku HOG 2D Background Lair-Throne-Room Stone Circle

Puzzle Game Art

Imagine if you went on an adventure in a fantasy world and had to solve a puzzle to proceed forward. Our artists studied the core mechanics of game puzzles to ensure that puzzle art for the game is appropriate and aligned with the setting. We created 2D art for all the puzzles in the game, including a door riddle, a tile puzzle, a chest lock, and others.

Haiku HOG 2D Background Puzzle Displacement Hoard
Haiku 2D Characters Background Throne Room Wizard

Promo Сreatives

We also created all of the promo assets for the game and made sure that all creatives, screenshots, and a game icons are visually appealing. You can check out an example of one of the promo assets created by our team below:

Our team is experienced in the creation of 2D backgrounds, character art, puzzle art, and promo assets for fantasy games and other genres. Feel free to contact RetroStyle Games if you are working on a project and looking for high-quality art outsourcing services.

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