Pirate 3D Model for FREE | Low poly Character

Pirate Character Shipyard Master – the low poly 3D model was created by our team for the MMO game prototype. Zbrush sculpt was done as a base for further retopology and baked diffuse/normal maps.

Can be rigged/skinned/animated and exported to Unity/Unreal kind of game engine.

How ironic that a 3D model of a pirate is free, isn’t it? :)

Low Poly Characters Real Time Pirate Shipyard Master 1

Here is wire-frame preview of 3D model:

Low Poly Characters Real Time Pirate Shipyard Master 1 grid

ZIP Archive of Pirate 3D model includes:
– 3dsmax 2012 scene
– FBX / OBJ export
– Diffuse PSD + Normal map TGA

Free Download 3D model Pirate Character Shipyard Master:


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