Pirate Ship 3D Model for Free | Low Poly & 3D Wire-frame Model

Pirate Ship Fluyt – the stylized low-poly 3D model was created by our art outsource team for a rogue-like game prototype. All ship textures (including wooden body and sails) were hand drawn.

– What do you call a pirate who has both eyes and all his limbs?

– A beginner.

3d low poly pirate ship FLUYT

Wire-frame of 3D model of pirate ship.

low poly pirate ship FLUYT grid

ZIP Archive of Pirate ship 3D model includes:
– 3dsmax 2014 scene
– FBX / OBJ export
– Diffuse PSD + Rope textures

Free Download 3D model Pirate Ship Fluyt:


3d modeling pirates ships

Real-Time Pirate Ships 3D Collection

Set of 5 pirate ship 3D models was created by our team for rogue-like game prototype.
Pack includes:  Galleon, Frigate,  Fluyt, Sloop, Yacht

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