A Pack of Free Unity Assets for a Match-3 Game

A new pack of free assets, ready to be integrated into your game. BibiFX is a collection of Match-3 puzzle assets assembled in Unity. Here, we would like to share about our visual style choices and similar projects in our portfolio.

Free Unity Assets for Match-3 Game

Stylized match-3 assets

Match-3 is often used by people as a means of relaxation and having some peace of mind in our hectic world. That is why we came up with visuals that evoke a sense of warmth, coziness, and restfulness.

The background is an idyllic countryside with tea in the garden, a cat on the porch, and haystacks in a golden field.

Work Process

We did an overpaint of the background and the particles and assembled everything in Unity.

Here is our work process:

Our Free Game Assets

In our portfolio, we have a dedicated section for free game assets.

For example, Cyberpunk Skater Girl is a beautifully stylized 3D character and environment optimized for Unity and Unreal Engines.

To showcase our expertise in slot machine icons, we created a cowboy-themed collection of casino slot icons along with animated 2D characters, UI frame design, and a background. 

Warrior Assassin is an example of a high-quality, fully-rigged 3D character with over a dozen animations, also available for free download

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– Game Block sprites
– Dynamite sprite
– Particle and effects sprite sheets
– Blocks animation
– Explosion animation
– Game location background and game board.

2D sources contain PSD + PNG versions. Game flow is simulated with animations.

Depending on the country, puzzle games are either the most popular or second most popular game genre. The market is enormous and the competition is intense.

With extensive experience in art outsourcing, RetroStyle Games specializes in this genre and creates icons, backgrounds, characters, and animations in a unified style for match-3, slot machine, and other puzzle games.


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