Free Isometric Sprites SWAT vs Zombies

We animated and pre-rendered game sprites these free Isometric zombie sprites from 3D models a couple years ago.
Team wanted to practice in modeling, rigging, skinning and animation of zombie characters and in addition to free content – render out short CG teaser.

Recently we decided to revisit these old assets, re-rendered everything, cleaned and prepared for sharing.
If you are creating some kind of Zombie shooter game with isometric view, you may found this pack helpful.

– SWAT Soldier
– Fat Zombie Man
– Zombie Woman

isometric sprites background zombie vs swat

Included in ZIP Archive

SWAT Soldier, Fat Zombie Man, Zombie Woman - Isometric Game Sprites in 8 Directions

isometric sprites swat idle

SWAT Soldier “Idle”

isometric sprites swat recharge

SWAT Soldier “Recharge”

isometric sprites swat shooting

SWAT Soldier “Shooting”

isometric sprites swat walk

SWAT Soldier “Walk”

isometric sprites zombie female dead

Zombie Woman “Dead”

isometric sprites zombie female hit

Zombie Woman “Hit”

isometric sprites zombie female run

Zombie Woman “Run”

isometric sprites zombie female walk

Zombie Woman “Walk”

isometric sprites zombie male dead

Zombie Man “Dead”

isometric sprites zombie male hit

Zombie Man “Hit”

isometric sprites zombie male run

Zombie Man “Run”

isometric sprites zombie male walk

Zombie Man “Walk”

SWAT soldie 3d model turbosquid

You can also purchase fully rigged and animated 3ds max model of SWAT Soldier from our Turbosquid account.

Worth checking

top down skeleton sprites


Top-down game 2D sprites of various skeleton characters.
Animated skeleton sprites were done with top-down shooter in mind (like Crimsonland 2D sprites).
Body and legs – are separated sprites and can be rotated independently.

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