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Our basic tool set in daily work: Unity and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). It is two of the industry’s most popular multiplatform game engines. They can be used for free. It opens up great opportunities for large developers and independent game developer studios. Using these engines makes the developing process so comfortable and successful.

Game Engine Assembly Developers Unity Unreal

The team of RetroStyle Games has years of experience working with Unity and Unreal under their belt. That is why we decided to game engine assembly and to compare unity vs unreal and give you the opportunity to take over our experience.

Unity Game Development

Most RetroStyle Games projects are made in Unity. And with long experience, we can say with certainty: If you are a game developer, who creates indie games, adventure games, simulations, puzzles for computers, smartphones and consoles, Unity Engine will be your best tool.

Development process in Unity is smooth and easy because of the intuitive, user-friendly and visual interface. You do not sit for hours raking tons of code, but see all the changes on the screen. The development environment includes a convenient editor that allows you to work with the game scene right during the launch or testing of the game. A big strength is the asset store. It’s possible to extend the engine so much and add functionality such as advanced shaders to your prototypes and games.

We create a lot of 2D and 3D indie games with Unity. Our strategy of process is always divided into two stages: building design through Unity and writing code based on the C # language.

Unity Engine is a completely free application for all platforms and devices. 50% of games across all platforms are built with Unity and it is preferred by many large game developers. So, if you develop games with Unity, you are in good company!

Unreal Engine 4 Game Development

In comparison with Unity, we are not so experienced with Unreal Engine. But it doesn’t mean we lack knowledge. For now, we made one project using UE4 – Cyberpunk Skater Girl. And what we want to tell you about this Monster…

The most popular, most powerful, Unreal Engine is the universal soldier, which can help you to build great games. Limitless areas of application, freedom in creativity, and recognition in the market – it’s all about Unreal Engine. Unreal development is a market standard for:

UE4 photorealistic graphics are used for movies, advertising, architectural visualization, and training simulations.

Hero 3D Environment Setting Special Effects Animation Ragdoll Simulation

If you want to create big, successful games, UE4 – is your must-have №1! Even if you are a beginner, you can work with Unreal Engine 4. You can write game logic in C ++ or using a visual scripting system – Blueprint, or combine C ++ and Blueprints. UE4 supports a large number of features for beginners. With Blueprint, you can create games without writing code. It helps beginners to build game logic without any special obstacles. A valuable feature of the UE4 is the rapid prototyping of a game.

One more good news: UE4 can be used for free (only if your game doesn’t earn more than $ 1,000,000)! An additional plus is a lot of game assets available for free.

Unity vs Unreal

Who wins in this battle? As high-level professionals, the team of RetroStyle Games decomposed the benefits of both engines and this is what they came to…

Everything depends on what you want to develop for a mobile segment or PC and Consoles. If it’s a 2D mobile game, you should give preference to Unity. Unity is still a better option, at least when it comes to mobile game development. But if you are planning an expensive 3D project with the need to implement an open world Unreal Engine 4 is preferable.

Remember: Unreal is for big teams. Unity is for smaller teams or indie game developers.

Unreal Engine 4 and Unity engine are among the most common among developers today due to their low cost, availability, and support from a massive community. Both of them have their merits and best uses. 

But still best to learn how to use both for maximum flexibility.

Our Game Projects

From the beginning of our careers, we always dreamed about creating our own survival games. A key factor in the developing process is our desire to play this game. We want to make games that we want to play by ourselves. Maybe that is the main point, why our projects are so successful. Our professional approach bears fruits: our mobile games have more than 80 million downloads! As an example, we boast three of our favorites:

“Last Pirate: Island Survival” – is a pirate adventure simulator. Your game started on the lost island, surrounded by dangerous creatures from the afterlife, sea monsters like Kraken and Godzilla. This game has officially surpassed 17 million downloads across iOS and Android devices around the world. That’s another successful project developed by RetroStyle Games.

“Zombie Run 2” – an endless runner game developed by our team. Choose from dozens of dead zombies, revive them and chase funny Igor. Turn yourself into an angry dead monster, so powerful – no obstacles can stop him. Collect potions and gems, unlock boosters and funny characters. The advantage of “Zombie Run 2” is quick play, addictive nature and simple controls.

“Spirit Run” is another thing on the list of our games. Run through ancient lands, transform your soul into an animal’s and help your brood defend the Aztec Temple from apocalypse! Our team is truly passionate about game design and development, especially for the types of games we create. We’re proud to have one of the most dedicated and accomplished designs and development teams in the industry.

Full Cycle Mobile Game Development

Game development it’s a huge, polyhedral process that runs from the first idea to the full-fledged project. Our team regularly maintains and improves all our released games. It’s like giving birth to a child and then raising him. 

RetroStyle Games always approach working with great responsibility. We are preparing a strategy for implementing the best game solution. Our developers efficiently plan the project. We create a system design, prototyping, vertical slice, content production, UX/UI design, CBT, OBT and release for our games.

Some of our successful full-cycle game development projects have 35 million+ downloads and statistics are improving.

The team of RetroStyle Games offers a full range of services in 2D and 3D art outsourcing formats for games. To learn more, please contact us.

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