2D and 3D Game Sprites

Produced by our team for Art Outsourcing clients worldwide.


Steampower 1830 – Full Art Production
150+ Isometric Game Sprites

Our team created concepts and afterwards 3D models, which were rendered and over-painted GUI, Icons, Environment and Promo assets for great SteamPower1830 game by Hexagon.

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Celtic Tribes – Game Sprite Production
Character Animations 

Our team created Zbrush Sculpts based on client’s lowpoly models, which were rendered and over-painted Collection of character animations for great Celtic Tribes by XYRALITY GmbH.

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Isometric Castle - Medieval City Sprites

Done for Match-3 Meta Game

Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc

sprites heroes match3 meta game castle upgrades

Cure Pals Racing - Go-Karts Top-Down Sprites

Animated and Pre-rendered from 3D models

Funny Bunny - Isometric 2D Tree Tiles

Drawn environment game assets

sprites funny bunny ios isometric tiles

SteamPower1830 - City 3D Sprites

Full artwork production from concept to final render

SteamPower1830 – by Hexagon Labs

sprites hex steampower isometric in game

Avalon Legends 2 - Medieval Castle Game Sprites

Fully Illustrated by our team

Avalon Legends 2 – by Anawiki Games

sprites avalon 2 castle mega game

Atlantis - Facebook Game


Various Pre-rendered 3D Game Sprites

Hexagon tiles I Egyptian Animated Characters I Heroes Guild Dungeon I Side-Scrolling Game I Animated Soccer Sprites I Soldiers

pre rendered hex buildings bigger

Bunny Run

Top Down Game Illustrations

sprites bunny run ios top down running game

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