The Dream Room: Full-Cycle Interior Design and Decor

We are excited to present a dream room for the RetroStyle Games team!

Many 2D and 3D artists get into their craft because they want to make the pictures in their heads real and share their vision with others. This project was a great opportunity for us to use our skills to create a design of a perfect room we wish we had. Having done many interiors for our clients recently, we thought it would be a nice way of solidifying our experience while doing something fun. We wanted to create a place where we would want to come to play video games, indulge in some VR, and have drinks with friends.

3D Modeling for Gaming Room 3D Interior Design Asset Creation, Spark, Link


We started by revisiting our previous projects and deciding on the main references. Merge Hotel: Makeover DesignSpark Link!Manor Cafe Restaurant all have 3D rooms.

However, our main references were another two projects for which we did interiors: Zen Match – Relaxing Puzzle by Good Job Games and Event Twins: Design & Blast by Fomo Games. The result has the coziness of the Zen Match rooms with the flashy entertainment style of the Event Twins halls.

Then, we put together a mood board with all the cool stuff we wanted in our room. It also showed the general aesthetic of the room and its rough layout.

Game Room References Mood Board Aesthetic Layout

Pre-texturing 3D models in the room | Before & After Comparison

Then, we agreed on an initial preview design and our 3D modelers did the blocking for a few different composition options. Using numbers, we linked these items with those in our reference list. We chose the option the best and proceeded to make a detailed version.

We divided the design into four sections and worked on each one separately. We made a few iterations adjusting the composition, altering some of the furniture, moving the items around, ensuring the details would look clear, and making the shapes more realistic.

Finishing Touches

Our 2D artists did an overpaint resulting in a bright, attractive image with beautiful, colorful fluorescent lighting. It looks a bit teenagerish in a small, ordinary room with a couch and a blanket on it, we admit. But that is precisely the aesthetic we imagined for our refuge space!

The room turned out to be saturated with play vibes. It has our beloved geeky collectibles, some sporting goods, a guitar, the precious nostalgic lava lamp, an old PC, and even a popcorn machine: everything you need for a great party.

For us, as a game art outsourcing studio, the whole project took 28 days to complete, which is pretty standard for a project like this. FOMO, for example, was completed in 24 days and the Royal Match in 14.

Want to feel the vibe of RetroStyle Games?
We open our hearts to you and present the room of our dreams.

Check it out and fill up with our creative energy! The PSD file is free and ready to view and download

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