3D Animation and СG Trailers for a Mobile Game

Guns and Battles 3D Animation СG Trailers

We have created a set of СG trailers for an upcoming war adventure ‘Guns and Battles’ by Amrita Studio. The game is a battle between the good guys and a collective image of the bad guys. Although we don’t have that many pure evil images in our collective consciousness (at least not until the Russians take their place next to the Nazis in it), so the style of the enemies in this game rings a bell.

RetroStyle Games has a large animation department that provides cinematic production, 3D modeling, storyboarding and previz, simulation, and VFX services. We animate characters, create environments, and make the former at home in the latter.

Guns and Battles 3D Animation СG Trailers Making off Grid

For this project, our animation specialists were provided with all the game materials and used Maya and 3ds Max software to make them come alive. We used dynamic camera movement and epic soundtracks to bring a bit of systematically everyone loves. We also made sure to give enough attention to the backgrounds and characters’ emotions. We delivered the first video within 16 days, and in two months, the set of four trailers was ready.

Trailers are arguably the primary promo material for a mobile game. Potential users watch the trailer to get a feel of the game and quickly decide whether to play it. The impression left by enhanced graphics in the trailer transfers to the player’s impression on the game and their immersion in it, even though the graphics in the game might not be as good. Therefore, investing in a quality trailer is a good baseline for mobile ads.

Working hand-in-hand with us will ensure you time and cost saving, high-quality content and efficient scaling of your art team.

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