HOG Solve IT 1, 2, 3 – 2D Character Illustrations and Backgrounds

RetroStyle Games assumed responsibility for full game art production for a Haiku Games Project titled Solve It. We created 2D character art, backgrounds, and promo assets for the project.

Life choice simulators like Episodes and Choices managed to gain increased popularity over the last few years due to effective marketing and addictive gameplay. Solve It puts a spin on the formula and allows players to assume the role of an investigator and choose investigation techniques to identify a murderer or select dialogue options when interacting with witnesses.

Haiku Solve IT Choose 2D Polygonal Character Background

Character Concept Art

2D Character Art in this game may be characterized by a lower level of detail compared to the Adventure Escape series. Our team chose to adopt a low poly art style to meet the deadlines and distinguish the game from its competitors. Our team created a diverse cast of memorable characters, including a secretary, a bouncer, a model, a detective, a lawyer, a bartender, and many others.

Backgrounds Game Art

Detailed backgrounds are of the utmost importance in detective games because they help to build a realistic game world that players want to explore. Our artists utilized a low poly art style to ensure that the same art style is maintained throughout the game. Locations like a pool, a fitness club, a club, and a living room are particularly eye-catching because a low poly art style makes it easier to express depth and texture.

Haiku Polygonal 2D Background Pool TV studio Interior
Haiku Polygonal 2D Background Bedroom Townhouse

Our team relied on the same art style when designing backgrounds for Solve It 2 and Solve It 3 to maintain consistency and clarity. Our artists created a set of impressive backgrounds for these games, including a restaurant, a townhouse, a laboratory, and many others. Please check out some of the examples of 2D backgrounds by our artist:

Haiku Polygonal 2D Background Fire Corpse Laboratory
Haiku Polygonal 2D Backgrounds Corpse Interior Park Riddles

Developers of Choose Your Story games have to deal with heavy competition and adoption of a low poly art style may serve as a competitive advantage. Feel free to contact our team if you enjoy our work and your project requires a unique art style.

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