Voldemort fan art | Fighting Lord from Harry Potter

This is an archive post with artwork done almost 10 years ago. We decided to keep it for our own history. The terrifying character Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter book series continues to fascinate fans around the world. While his image in the books and movies has left an unforgettable mark on popular culture.

Inspired by the darkest antagonist of the Harry Potter universe and to be released soon “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”

Harry Potter Voldemort Fan Art

Lord Voldemort is casting a spell, Fan Art

Harry Potter and Dementor Fan Art

Now let’s imagine a scene where Harry Potter meets Dementor, and stares him right in the face.

Fan art of a fight between two distinct characters in a dark and moody dungeon setting, Harry Potter and Dementor

What Voldemort would look like if he had a nose?

Now let’s pretend Voldemort has a nose!

A pale-skinned monk-like character igniting a flame amidst a backdrop of shadowy skeletal figures

All in all, he now looks like someone you wouldn’t want to meet on the street at night….. Or would you?

A menacing, pale-skinned figure with glowing yellow eyes lunges forward, summoning a swirling green energy around his outstretched handA bald, eerie character in a dark robe, with elongated fingers, holds a staff crowned with a skeletal snake, set against a muted blue and gray background

You can download bigger variant of Lord Voldemort fan art without our sign here:

And also, you can see more examples of our outsourced game art on the Portfolio page.