Creating Game Elements for Card Strategy Games | Hero Academy 2

Card Strategies are a special type of game where you need to think and plan carefully. We will look at what exactly this means and why these games are important.
Also, we will talk about how the game’s appearance is important, as the player spends a lot of time looking at a nice picture. 

We will also introduce you to the game Hero Academy 2 – an interesting game that we worked on with great pleasure.

Hero Academy 2 Game Design Fantasy Races

2D Game Art in Card Strategy Games

Card strategy games have a unique style of artwork that sets them apart.
What makes games like “Hero Academy 2” special?

They use 2D graphics, but skilled artists create a 3D-like effect, especially when characters move around the game board.
In games like “Hero Academy 2”,
 careful selection of elements gives the illusion of depth. This effect becomes noticeable when characters move across the game board. This kind of artwork engages the player, creating a lively and dynamic world.

As card games become more popular, there’s a growing need for colorful designs. It’s hard to design card games on your own, that’s why we provide 2D game art outsourcing services. They help bring developers’ ideas to life by crafting vibrant characters and detailed worlds that captivate players.

Illustration of a 2D card game battlefield with a diverse array of fantasy characters depicted on cards. The background features a mystical forest.

In card strategy games, design plays a huge role. It affects not only the visual appeal but also the ease of playing. Every illustration in a board game, the placement of characters, and the layout of the game field influence the player’s experience and understanding of the game rules. A good design makes the game more engaging and easier to grasp.

Card game art, like in “Hero Academy 2”, shows the incredible possibilities of 2D graphics.

Blending 2D elements creates a 3D-like experience, making the game unique and captivating. With specialized graphic design companies, developers can give their games a distinctive look.

Difficulties in Creating a Balanced Card Strategy Game

Creating a balanced card strategy game is a complex task. It’s necessary to ensure fair conditions for all players. Also, card game artwork should be valuable, even the least significant card should have a unique style, either way, players will be messing up because of the artist, confused by the same-looking cards. Listening to player feedback and improving the game is important. Graphics also play a crucial role in setting the atmosphere. 

In the end, considering all these aspects is essential for a successful game.

What else is important? 

The balance of all the cards in the game

Making sure all the cards in a game are fair and equal is really important. It means no one card or strategy is too powerful, so everyone has a good chance to win. 

Tord Reklev, who’s known as one of the best Pokemon TCG players, said something like:
“Somewhere, the designers have made a mistake. My job is to find them and abuse them to win tournaments.” 

Man in a yellow "Roots" hoodie smiling at the camera, seated in a food court area, holding a Pokémon tin case while displaying an array of Pokémon cards spread out on the table in front of him

This means he’s really good at spotting things in the game that might not be completely fair. Your game probably shouldn’t have such a loophole. 

Making sure all the cards are balanced is something game makers have to be really careful about. They need to think about how strong each card is, how rare it is, and how it works with other cards. They also listen to what players say and try different things to make the game as fair as possible.


Cards are typically small, and players need to easily grasp the information presented on them. Details in a game card design should not be lost or unclear due to size constraints.

Ensuring that the card art remains legible, even at a reduced size, is vital. Clear fonts, distinct symbols, and a balanced color palette contribute to optimal readability.

Screenshot of a digital card game interface titled "All Cards". Variety of illustrated game cards

Universal Design

Cards serve multiple purposes within a game, such as representing characters, items, or actions. This versatility demands a design that can be put into different contexts. 

A well-thought-out layout and consistent visual language enable cards to be used in various scenarios, ensuring they remain relevant throughout gameplay.

In-game screenshot of "Hero Academy 2" featuring a grassy battleground. Two animated characters, one holding a staff and another in armor, face off amidst various game elements like a blue gem, a floating golden key, and a red carved stone

Detail Balance

Achieving the right balance between many details and simplicity is essential. Overloading game card designs with too many elements can overwhelm players, making it challenging to quickly interpret information.
Conversely, overly simplistic designs may lack visual interest. 

Thoughtful placement of key details and usage of different tools help to maintain an appropriate level of detail.


When completing card game creation and adding cards into a game, you can encounter the question of why your cards look kind of lifeless. 

The art must be optimized to ensure smooth and effective animation.

Animation Considerations:

  1. Optimized Artwork: animated cards require artwork that is not only visually appealing but also made for motion.
  2. Frame-to-Frame Consistency: ensuring consistency between frames is crucial. Artwork elements should align from one frame to the next, avoiding jarring visual shifts that can disrupt the animation’s flow.
  3. Animation Speed and Timing: controlling the speed and timing of animations is important for creating an engaging experience. It’s vital to strike a balance between animation duration and the pace of gameplay.
  4. File Size Optimization: animated elements can result in larger file sizes. Designers must employ optimization techniques to ensure the game remains responsive and runs smoothly on various devices.
  5. Transition to Animation Services: considering the intricacies involved in creating effective animated cards, game animation outsourcing services become a necessity. These services specialize in optimizing artwork for seamless and captivating animations. Their expertise ensures that animations enhance the overall gaming experience, adding an extra layer of dynamism and engagement.

Designing Card Art

When you’re making art for card games, there are some important things to remember. Let’s go through them:

  • Making Art that Works Everywhere:

The pictures on the cards need to look good on different devices, like phones or computers. They should be clear and easy to see no matter where you’re playing.

  • Creating Different Versions of the Same Card:

Sometimes, you might need to make different versions of a card art for players. For example, there could be a regular one and a special, upgraded version.

  • Making Sure the Art Matches What the Card Does:

The pictures should show what the card does in the game. This means you can’t just draw anything – it has to make sense with how the card works.

  • Following Rules for Other People’s Ideas:

If the game is based on someone else’s ideas or stories, the pictures need to fit with what’s already been decided.

  • Thinking About Different Cultures:

If the game is going to be played by people from different countries, the art should be sensitive to different customs and ideas. It’s important to avoid things that might be confusing or offensive.

– Designing card game designs is more than just drawing pretty pictures

It’s about making sure the art fits well in the game and makes sense to players. Remembering things like adaptability, different versions, gameplay matches, following rules, and considering different cultures helps create effective and engaging card visuals.

Card Strategy Game Character Design

In games like these, the characters are super important. They show up on cards, kind of like in Hearthstone, and also come to life in battles like in strategy games.

We’ve put a lot of work into making sure these characters look great and fit perfectly in the game. This means making them detailed and making sure they look good both on cards and when they’re fighting in the game.

Symbols and icons on the cards need to be easy to understand and tell apart. We make sure that players can quickly recognize and differentiate between different symbols, making the game easier and more fun to play.

We’re really good at making awesome 2D game character designs. This means we can make characters that are fun and interesting to look at. Whether they’re on cards or in battles, our characters make the game exciting and enjoyable for players. We’re here to make the game come alive with cool characters!

In-game screenshot of a 2D card pack opening from a fantasy-themed Strategy game

Hearthstone Stylized UI

Have you ever noticed how the design of Hero Academy 2 reminds us of something familiar?

In games, how we interact with the screen is really important. It’s like how we use buttons and menus in a video game. It should be easy to understand and look nice.

Looking closely at how Hearthstone’s buttons and menus work is a good idea. Hearthstone is known for having a really good and easy-to-use interface, and that’s one reason why people love to play it.

We’re excited to offer game design services that take inspiration from Hearthstone’s style. We’re proficient at making Hearthstone-inspired UI and providing game UI/UX design services. Our team focuses on making sure the buttons and menus not only work well but also look great. This makes playing games even more fun and enjoyable!

Hero Academy 2 2D Game Races Dark Elves

Card Strategy Character Concept Art

When we make a lot of cards, it’s important to make sure they all look like they belong in the same game. We’ve made sure that our character pictures all have the same style, so they look like they’re part of the same world.

We’re really good at making character concept art that all look like they’re from the same game. This makes the game feel like a complete and connected world. We’re here to make sure that we provide the characters’ game cart design that belongs specifically to your game.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the importance of card game development in card strategy games cannot be overstated. It makes the game look better so your players will be attracted by the design at first sight. 

To all artists and aspiring developers, remember to prioritize art in your projects. It holds the power to captivate players and elevate the quality of your game.
By investing in exceptional game art, you’re not only creating something visually engaging
but also crafting an unforgettable gaming experience.

Keep up the great work!

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