Covenant HOG – 2D Horror Game Concept Art

RetroStyle Games art outsourcing studio provided 2D art for a Haiku Games Project titled the Covenant. This project is one of the finest examples of a hidden object puzzle adventure, and our team created character art, backgrounds, puzzle art, and promo assets for the game.

The Covenant is characterized by an unconventional setting because it is a teen horror drama. Game developers drew inspiration from movies like Cabin in the Woods and video games like Friday the 13th and Until Dawn. The game is intended for mature audiences and includes some dark scenes. Hence, our team had to create art that would keep players at the edge of their seats.

Haiku HOG 2D Background Escape Сovenant Forest Spirits

Character Concept Art

Our artists were tasked with the creation of a vibrant cast of characters with distinct personalities and traits. We focused on the creation of memorable 2D characters to ensure that players stay invested in the story and empathize with their situation. Please check out some of the examples of 2D Character illustrations by our team below:

  • Haiku 2D Characters Male Female Emotions Athlete
  • Haiku 2D Characters Female Scientist Human Centipede
  • Haiku 2D Characters Old Group Photo Hands

Backgrounds Game Art

Creative backgrounds are essential in hidden object puzzle adventures and horror games because well-developed environments and architecture help to maintain a sense of mystery. We created a set of unique backgrounds, including a camp site and a mystic forest that help to tell a story about forest spirits and monsters.

Haiku 2D Backgrounds Forect Camp Spirit Altar Centipede
Haiku 2D Backgrounds Horror Stories Camp Abandoned House
Haiku 2D Backgrounds Forect Cave Deer Hunting

Puzzle Game Art

The stakes in the story are very high and the destiny of heroes depends on the ability of players to solve puzzles. Consequently, our artists explored all of the nooks and crannies of puzzle games created by Haiku Games and ensured that puzzle art is suitable for the project.

Haiku 2D Backgrounds Puzzle Riddles Movie Projector
Haiku 2D Characters Background Lighthouse Centipede

Promo Сreatives

RetroStyle Games also specializes in the creation of promo assets for various projects. The process was particularly challenging when creating promo assets for the Covenant because we had to highlight some of the exciting moments in the game while keeping players in suspense. Our team managed to achieve the objective and we provided all the creatives, screenshots, and an app icon for this project.

  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Padlock Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Code Bricks Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Animal Table Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Faces Eyes Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Liquid Maze Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Triangles Puzzle Box Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Puzzle Mailbox Covenant Deer
  • Haiku 2D Сasket Puzzle Silver Box Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Characters Mystical Forest Covenant
  • Haiku 2D Characters Female Ghost Steals Girl Centipede
  • Haiku 2D Background Occult Altar Wine Glass
  • Haiku 2D Characters Female Ghost Steals Girl
  • Haiku 2D Background Old Church
  • Haiku 2D Characters Male Ghost Steals Girl
  • Haiku 2D Characters Background Bedroom Safe
  • Haiku 2D Background Сovenant GUI Pop Up

It was exciting to work on 2D art for the Covenant because of the game’s unique setting and we are willing to work on similar projects in the future. Feel free to contact RetroStyle Games if you are interested in high-quality art outsourcing services.

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