How to Make Isometric Room | Free 3D Model

Isometric game sprites are usually produced by rendering of 3D scene or 3D model. As a result, you are getting a 2D image of the original model with all the lighting and shadows baked in. Which gives a three-dimensional look.

This allows even low-profile devices to use super complex and detailed artwork.
The only downside of that approach is a fixed camera angle and high RAM usage in case of a large amount of animations.

Some of the most-known isometric games are: Fallout, SimCity, Diablo, Age of Empires, Cossacks, etc.

Pre-Rendered Isometric 3D Sprite Room Interior

Isometric Room

RetroStyle Games Team is savvy in Isometric Sprites due to its enormous experience in rendering 2D objects into 3D models.

Below we described shortly our workflow for creating Isometric objects for Room Interior:

  • 2D concept of an asset, room interior, or game object is drawn;
  • 3D modeling and clay rendering;
  • textures and materials;
  • final rendering with layers;
  • Overpaint aimed at 3D object refining.
How to make Isometric 3D Model Room Interior Clay Render

Due to the restrained physical memory on mobile operating systems, Android and iOS RAM is regarded as a very valuable resource. Considering this, the reduction of RAM allocated by a mobile app is strictly necessary. Also, you can check out more tips on how to develop games on Android

Tile-based rendering allows to cut down the amount of memory and bandwidth, as an image (walls, floor, other duplicated objects) is split into tiles by a grid, that is later set in the texture atlas.

Each tile is rendered separately.

Typically, isometric tiles are represented as blocks, that can be sorted in different combinations generating a range of objects. It is just necessary to bear in mind that tiles are stitched seamlessly.

How to Isometric 3D Tiles Grid Size Walls Floor

When it comes to creating an awesome piece of artwork, possessing the right 3D modeling software becomes a core issue. The most popular packages that we use as an outsource game art company are 3dsmax, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D and Zbrush.

As for the top rendering engines it is worth mentioning Vray, Corona, Arnold, Octane, etc.

Pre-Rendered Isometric 3D Sprite Room Interior Textures
FREE download how to isometric 3d tiles grid size walls floor overpaint

Download 3D model of Isometric Room Free:

Next video displays main steps for creation of Isometric World:

Pre-rendered Female 3D Character

Isometric game sprite is a 2-dimensional bitmap, which produces a 3-dimensional effect. Some facets of the environment, which are not visible from a side view or top-down perspective, are revealed due to the angled viewpoint.

The only downside of that approach is a fixed camera angle and high RAM usage in case of a large amount of animations.
In such cases, we often mix 2D environment assets with animated 3D Characters

How to Pre-rendered Isometric 3D Sprite Female Character

Sprite sheets animation has a bulk of advantages: excellent performance due to the reduction of draw-call amount, rapid loading, one texture for all data, and the possibility to render many objects within a single draw-call.

In the video below you can see a great example of animated game sprites.

RetroStyle Games team knows how to create exemplary 3D sprites for game of any genre



Pre rendered Isometric Building Game 3D Sprites Manor Cafe no logo

Manor Cafe is an amusing restaurant designing game. Our game art outsourcing company created a multitude of isometric game sprites, elements and artworks for Manor Cafe: we generated isometric areas and locations, environment and interior assets – trees, bushes, ground, furniture, decor elements, etc.


Isometric Game 3D Sprites Interior Pre-rendered Homescapes Mansion No Logo

Just play casino slots, get coins, and renovate your mansion. It is a Millionaire Mansion Game. Our Casino Game Art Team created 3D Isometric Interior Sprites for a mansion. We also animated a lot of game assets (lamps switch on and off, mirrors can break, etc), so the mansion gets more realistic and picturesque