Hulk VS Superman Fan Art | The Fight

Other cool artworks from our art outsourcing internal contest, featuring a Hulk VS Superman fighting scene.

The goal was to show the complex relationship between the Hulk and Superman, but honestly, we got some pretty unexpected results

Dynamic illustration depicting Hulk, with his green muscular physique, poised aggressively towards Superman, who is clad in his iconic blue and red suit with a flowing cape, amidst a backdrop of shattered rocks and a radiant sky

And here is WIP animated GIF:

Animated GIF capturing the step-by-step creation of an artwork featuring Hulk and Superman, showcasing the evolution from basic sketches to the detailed and colored final illustration.

Awesome collection of Marvel superhero illustrations, fan art from Game Art studio

Then, eventually came the result we liked best.
What could be better than a strong friendship between men?

Only a strong male friendship between the Hulk and Superman, who became friends after a fight.

Hulk and Superman friendship, what if superheroes were friends, fan art

As usual, you can download 1920×1080 PNG (no compression) variant of Hulk VS Superman Fan Art – The Fight:

Thank you for interest!