Isometric Buildings for the SuperCity Urban Planner

Recently we have contributed to a large-scale project by Playkot and are now eager to share the pics! It takes a lot to build a city, and the 3d modeling outsourcing team has created more than twenty 3D buildings for a new building game called SuperCity.

Playkot SuperCity Isometric Buildings SimCity Megapolis

Historical Buildings for a Fusion Style City

Unlike many similar games in this genre, such as SimCity and Megapolis: Big Town Tycoon Sim, the visual style of SuperCity is a fusion. The modern buildings and districts exist next to the historical ones, and there are even patches of outright magic urbanism! Our artists have created the isometric sprites with the buildings that fit into the historical category. We used 3D modeling and had fun with textures. We have made sure the buildings have beautiful graphics and colors and are a great addition to the world of SuperCity.

Romanesque Style 3D Building Model For Fusion Style City

Each One is Unique: the Visual Style of the Buildings

The five buildings are inspired by old European architecture. Abtei Maria Laah is a Romanesque style with a massive solidity to it. Belvedere Pfingstberg stands out by its galleries and a beautiful courtyard with a pull. Lauriston Castle is a heavy building with a front garden and a domestic feel to it, but also magical turrets half-suspended in the air. Allegheny Country Courthouse is meant to have a “beacon of justice” kind of vibe and does that with its tall turret at the front and the red roof. Chamber of Commerce de Lille rightfully has a sense of prosperity thanks to the spires and the red brick walls.

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Construction Animation

We have also animated the construction process. Quite fulfilling to see all the progress in just a few seconds!

Isometric 3D Model Buildings Construction Process Animation

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