Assets & Sprites for Isometric City Builder

Isometric city builder games are a popular genre within the video game industry, known for their unique perspective that combines the benefits of both 2D and 3D environments.

You can find an isometric urban pack with lots of different designs for buildings, parks, characters, and more to make your game world really pop. We are excited to invite you to explore our set of isometric city-building sprites, named “Retropolis.”

Retropolis Buildings 3D Isometric City Builder

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So, a few words about “Retropolis”. This unique collection is inspired by the atmosphere of Miami in the 80s, reflecting the energy and style of the era in every design element. The reason behind such a name choice lies not only in its stylistic features but also in the desire to make it nostalgic, merging past and future in a singular urban environment. In “Retropolis,” you will find a diverse array of building designs, parks, characters, and many more elements that will make your game world memorable.

Isometric City Building Pack includes:

  • Well organized and ready to render 3DS Max scenes with fully customized Corona Renderer 7 materials applied on each building.
  • High-quality sprites in PNG format ready for quick integration into your engine.
  • FBX with textures for use in other 3d software of your choice.
a picture of a city with a tv tower, the process of creating sprites of isometric buildings

If you want to make your own city game with its own unique set of epic buildings, take a look at our services. We can help you make your own city game by offering resources and expertise in making game environments.

Wireframe Map of City Building Game

Here we have a map wireframe design for a city-building game. It outlines the game’s layout, structure, and organization without the distraction of textures, colors, or detailed graphics. 

Megapolis 3D Sculpt Isometric Buildings

Stylized SimCity Buildings

SimCity became famous for its epic buildings – those standout structures that are more than just part of the city’s skyline; they are focal points that bring the virtual cities to life. They often look like they could be part of a futuristic world or a whimsical storybook, which is why they capture players’ imaginations. These structures are characterized by their bright colors, playful designs, and sometimes exaggerated features, which are trademarks of the SimCity series. 

The buildings in this image resemble SimCity’s epic isometric building because they share the same vibrant and imaginative qualities. They make the game world more than a grid of streets and houses; they turn it into a dynamic place that players can connect with and get excited about.

City 3D Model Megapolis Buildings

Isometric City Sprites

We researched many city-builder games and put together a collection of references. In total, we have created 43 unique isometric city sprites, carefully crafted for city-builder games. These resources are designed to give game developers a vast range of building styles to create diverse and lively urban landscapes.

All houses in your city are optimized as much as possible. Such optimization has an impact on the game’s performance in particular, increasing its speed capabilities. Moreover, all buildings have four levels of complexity and different styles: with each upgrade, the building becomes more detailed and luxurious, or retro if you want.

Key features of this asset set include a wide array of isometric building types, from commercial centers and residential blocks to cultural landmarks and industrial complexes.

The variety ensures that a game can include different city zones and neighborhoods, each with its own character. The quality of these sprites is evident in their colorful, detailed 3D models which bring depth and realism to the game environment.

Our portfolio includes not only these isometric city assets but a wide range of other game development resources. To see examples of our SuperCity buildings and get a closer look at the details that make our assets stand out, visit SuperCity buildings. There, you can find inspiration and resources to help you build the city of your dreams in your next game.

Isometric Market Building

This isometric market building is one of the city builder assets we made, featuring traditional East Asian architecture and market stalls.

Market Isometric 3D Model Sprites Rack Shelving


Two detailed isometric skyscraper building sprites, ideal for adding a modern touch to city builder game environments.

Scyscrapers 3D Model Modern Architecture Tower Isometric Sprites Roof Cityscape

How Building 3D models add to the Game Environment?

3D models add a layer of depth and realism to the game. These models serve as the backbone of a game’s aesthetics, allowing players to explore and interact with a 3D space that feels alive and dynamic. When developers include building 3D models into a game, they create a sense of place and scale, making the environment not just a backdrop but a character in itself.

These models provide detailed structures that gamers can navigate around or enter. They add verticality and perspective, offering varied vantage points and possibilities for interaction, like viewing a cityscape from the top of a skyscraper or the street-level buzz in a market.

Including high-quality 3D models can turn a game into a rich, believable world. For those looking to know more about game design environments exploring services that specialize in game environment design can be useful. 

The quality of sprites and assets in isometric building town games is paramount to the success of these games. 

  • 1

    Sprites refer to the 2D images or animations

    That represent characters, buildings, and other objects within the game world.

  • 2

    Assets, meanwhile, encompass a broader category

    That includes sprites, textures, and any other visual or auditory components used to build the game's environment.

Wrapping Up

Great-looking graphics are super important for town-building games. They make the game world feel real and fun to play in. When the graphics are top-notch, players really get into building and running their cities. They also make the game easier to play, as players can find their way around better and get more into the story.

These cool graphics help players feel proud of the cities they build, whether they’re big cities or small towns. This means players will want to keep coming back to play more.

And, of course, don’t forget that you can purchase ready-made sprites for the isometric town builder at RetroStyle Games or asset stores now.

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