Isometric Interior Sprites & Slot Backgrounds | Millionaire Mansion Game

Imagine you are the owner of a messy, filthy and old mansion. And you have got a lot of possibilities to restore and decorate it using all your creativity. Just play casino slots, get coins and renovate your mansion. It is Millionaire Mansion Game.

Our game art outsource team created 3D Isometric Sprites for a mansion’s interior .

We also animated a lot of game assets (lamps switch on and off, mirror can break, etc), so the mansion gets more realistic and picturesque.

Isometric Game 3D Sprites Interior Pre rendered Homescapes Mansion

3D Modeling, which is performed on the basis of client’s concepts and ideas. comprises several main steps: creations of textures and materials, layered rendering/tiles and overpaint.

3D Isometric Sprite Game Interior Messy Luxury Bedroom

The renovation process in Millionaire Mansion is designed in several tiers: from completely broken and messy house, modern repair to a sophisticated interior design.

All game assets are rendered in separate layers. Shading and shadows produce a pivotal effect as they reinforce the illusion that an object has weight and depth.

  • Isometric 3D Model Sprites Assets Furniture Variants
  • Isometric 3D Model Game Assets Bedroom Bathroom
  • Isometric 3D Game Sprites Furniture Assets Bedroom

Animation of interior 3D sprites makes the game more interactive and fun, breathing life into decor and in-house objects. See below an example of Sprite Animation, implemented by RetroStyle Team.

a picture of a movie reel and a camera, Soft UI when creating a video

Our input in Millionaire Mansion goes far beyond 3D modeling and 2D overpaint. Our Team created a logo for a game as well as designed all 2D slot machines in astounding styles.

2D Illustration Game Logo Version Millionaire Mansion Concept

Casino wall art has its specifics. A wall art itself should be pleasant to look at, but not too bright and flashy. Our concept artists designed a set of nice and extraordinary wall art for the slots game in Millionaire Mansion.

  • Slot Machine Game Background Fairy Forest Flowers Blossom
  • Slot Machine Game Background Ancient Greece Olympus
  • Slot Machine Game Background Castle Tower
  • Slot Machine Game Background Night Castle
  • Slot Machine Game Background Clover Irish
  • Slot Machine Game Background Underwater World Pearl
  • Slot Machine Game Background Egypt Tomb Pyramid Cairo
  • Slot Machine Game Background Gem Jewel Rings Earrings
  • Slot Machine Game Background Hidden Treasures Gold
  • Slot Machine Game Background Egypt Tomb Pharaoh
  • Slot Machine Game Background Jungle Box
  • Slot Machine Game Background Mountains Meadows Clouds
  • Slot Machine Game Background Night Mountains Pegas Clouds
  • Slot Machine Game Background Sailing Ships Pirate Harbor

Slot Machine Art is what makes a game exclusive and standing out in a mass. For Millionaire Mansion we designed slots in Medieval, Egyptian, Vegas styles along with Neon city, Atlantis, Fairies, Gems, Emoji, Pirate, Unicorn slots.

Slot Machine Icons Stylized Fruit Jungle Tropics

We performed a wide range of services for this project, from isometric asset design to 2D illustrations for slot machines. Scalability and a full-cycle game design are trademarks of RetroStyle Games.

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