Isometric 2D and 3D Locations & Objects | Manor Cafe Mobile Game

Updated Isometric 2D 3D Locations Manor Cafe

Updated Isometric 2D and 3D Locations for Manor Cafe

Allow us to reserve a table for you at our favorite Manor Cafe. It’s a new and incredibly exciting game in the popular match-3 genre, and our team of talented artists has put in all their efforts to make this project stand out among others.

Manor Cafe Mansion Locations Design Room Garden Area

Game Map

To make the final picture look grand and impressive, our team has developed an in-game map that unfolds into a house with multiple rooms. Why do we need maps? It helps the player see all the levels and visualize their future progress.

2D and 3D Locations

Locations are exactly what captures players’ attention and keeps them immersed in the gameplay. Our team understands the importance of this, which is why we have created beautiful, highly detailed, meticulously crafted isometric locations. The park, numerous rooms, and spaces that the player will have to explore and improve.

Each room has three levels of uniqueness and coolness. To see them all, the player will have to increase their level, but at the end of the path, they will find a magnificent location with hundreds of 3D objects. Our artists also worked tirelessly on them for days, and the result exceeded the client’s expectations.

3D Objects

We cannot imagine a high-quality game without detailed and polished 3D objects. For this project, our team created 3D models based on existing concepts. The next step was layer rendering, and as with the locations, we added an overpaint on top of the render. We have highly skilled professionals and established processes in this area.

Casual Puzzle Game Levels 3D Objects Table Bench Armchair

Outdoor and indoor locations capture the eye and arouse the desire to explore every corner. For example, a luxurious garden that you have yet to make exquisite. But we have taken care to ensure that there is enough space here for lush flower beds and an elegant fountain.

Our team specializes in the isometric genre, possessing extensive skills and experience. Our isometric projects are distinguished by a skillful integration of 2D and 3D art, meticulous attention to detail in creating game objects, and a well-crafted game design. If you need a complete game development process, feel free to contact us.