Isometric Environment Design for Kingdom Match-3 Blast Game

Isometric Environment Design Kingdom Match3 Blast Game Prince Castle

Help the prince restore his grandfather’s castle, transform the garden into a beautifully decorated, romantic place, and become king. But don’t think that everything will be too easy. Kingdom Match-3 Blast is full of challenges and puzzles.

Our game art outsourcing team created 2D and 3D isometric sprites and characters for a new game. We also animated many elements and icons, carefully worked out all the details and created an exciting trailer for this project.

3D Objects

Luxurious sofas, figurines made of porcelain or even gold, expensive carpets, and other decorations make your castle special. Our artists have extensive experience in the installation and development of 3D objects. We pay special attention to the elaboration of shadows because they help to achieve a sense of three-dimensionality and an approximate representation of reality.

  • Hall Isometric Location Messy Retro Modern Future Design Furniture Ottoman
  • 3D Game Objects Statue Horse Tiger Hourglass Column Carpet Sofa


Background design has its own quirks. The peculiarity of these backgrounds is that they convey the culture of Turkey when the sultans ruled there. Our concept artists designed a set of nice and extraordinary backgrounds and environments for the match-3 blast game Kingdom Match.
Moving through the game levels, players can improve the interior of the hall with each time, filling it with new details.

Kingdom Match Aishas Badroom Princess Clothes Dress Style Pink Interior Furniture

Retro, modern, or future style? Everything starts with concept art and moodboards, and only after that does it turn into real backgrounds and objects. Our art team has paid attention to every detail to make your castle kitchen look amazing.

Grandfathers Room Design Retro Messy Modern Future Style Environment Furniture

Since we, at the RSG, have a lot of experience in creating isometric projects, it was not difficult for us to work out every corner of all the rooms of the castle. And trust us, there are a lot of them.

Isometric Kingdom Match Armchair Globe Swords Map Layout Lamp Workplace

Characters and Character Animation

The silhouette is an important part of gaming character design. Silhouettes are crucial for various reasons: they assist identify characters from one another and from their surroundings, allowing the designer to essentially test the character’s level of differentiation. When it comes to creating distinctive personalities, distinction is essential, both emotionally and physically.

Working on a project for the match-3 blast game Kingdom Match, our artists not only created high-quality characters but also animated them and breathed life into them to create unique personalities.

Icons Design and Animation

Obviously, it would be difficult for players to improve their personal castle if there were no intriguing puzzles to solve that were rewarded. To make the gameplay even more enjoyable, a team of our 3D artists and animators, using special programs, animated all the icons.

Game Icons Design Box Dresser Fireworks Tiger

We provided a wide range of services for this project, from isometric asset design to 2D slot machine graphics. RetroStyle Games’ trademarks include scalability and full-cycle game design.

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