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We are excited to tell you about our recent collaboration with Tap Anywhere. A unique combination of deck building, battle royal, and MOBA is but one reason why Magic Arena stands out. The elaborate character art is a true highlight of this one, and you will see why.

Magic Arena 3D Modeling Real-Time Cartoon Stylized Characters

Character Development

We love character development at RetroStyle Games! Our team developed six main characters that are magically powerful in their own right and style. They are well-thought-out and masterfully allude to the archetypical folk and pop culture heroes which makes them so alluring for the player. There is a witchy druidess, a Tesla psycho, an icy banshee, a fire sorcerer, a crazy alchemist, and Bony the Deathless (informal names of the characters).

In the pic below, you can see a wide selection of versions of these characters. Thanks to the creative intuition and professional drawings of our artists, the client can easily choose the version that appeals to them the most.

3D Game Art Game Environment Levels Heroes Strike

We have a smooth and effective process for character development that we follow. First, we create 2D art: we search for different ways to envision a character and make drafts. After that, we improve the drafts and draw a selection of character variations to present to the client. We discuss the art with the client and, finally, pass the agreed-upon concept onto 3D realization. The client gets fully rigged, skinned, and animated characters they are happy with. Works every time!

3D Modeling Real-Time Cartoon Stylized NPS Clash Royale Spider

Non-Player Character

We also created colorful fantastic beasts that support the magical theme of the game. NPCs make the world of the gameworld lively and contribute to the overall impression of the game. NPCs for this game went through the same process as the main characters: from ideas to different versions to the final concept approved by the client. Our artists made sure to pay enough attention to this aspect of the game development.

3D Game Art Game Assets Icons Deck Cards

3D Icons and Cards

Finally, our team developed character cards, catchy, blockbuster-style posters, and app icons based, again, on our expressive characters.

Game Art Outsourcing

Many years of successfully working in the game development industry and a team of highly-skilled and talented artists make us a reliable contractor. We offer character development, 2D art, 3D modelling, animation, and more. Let us help bring your idea to life. Please contact us for more information.

3D Characters Main Art Wizards Before After Progress

We create 3D Characters with love and passion.
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