Isometric Areas Design for a Slot Machine

What do you think about when you hear a “casino game?”

Usually everyone envisions flashing slots, lemons, and dreams of jackpots.
However, surprisingly few are aware that there are various cool concepts for slot machine games, including gaming levels, locations, and room upgrades, just like in Homescapes.

An unexpected comparison, isn’t it?

Isometric Sprites Area Design Slot Machine

It’s time to see our work for one of the casino projects, which, as agreed with the client, we named “Majestic Areas.

Take a look at them – aren’t they truly majestic?

Isometric Concept Art for a Casino Game | Excuse me, are you serious?

Our slot machine game has a special kind of art style called isometric concept art. It’s different from the usual designs you see.

In this style, we make a 3D world look like it’s on a flat surface. This makes the game more interesting and fun to look at.

Concept 3D Model Render Overpaint Sprites

The isometric art lets us show lots of details and tell a cool story through the pictures. We can create colorful characters and isometric environments that feel addictive. Everything in the game looks lively and fits together well.

What’s great about the isometric casino concept art style is that it adds movement and excitement to the game. The angles we use make it more fun to play, and players get to see the game from different viewpoints. It’s like bringing the game to life in a whole new way.

In short, our casino isometric game art style is all about making things look cool and telling a great story. It’s a fresh and fun way to enjoy slot machines!

  • We start the creation of our art with a concept.
  • Following that, we craft a 3D model of an object or a character.
  • Next, we refine our work by creating a more detailed concept- a 3D render.
  • Once that’s done, we proceed to overpaint our art for your game.

We do the same process not only for casino games. Our studio is proficient in making concept art for almost any genre.

2D Gaming Backgrounds | Are they really made for casino game?

Game Background Castle Bridge Mountain

Yeah, game background design in games doesn’t necessarily have to feature slot machines; sometimes it’s enough to simply create a beautiful thematic background.
It’s important for them to align with the overall atmosphere and style of the game, giving it uniqueness and appeal.

Typically, isometric graphics and 2D imagery are often seen as contrasting approaches.
However, in the case of the “Majestic Areas” project, these styles intertwine, creating a harmonious visual experience.

Instead of being viewed as opposing, isometry and 2D graphics in this project complement each other. This underscores the flexibility and creative approach to design, bringing uniqueness to the gaming world of “Majestic Areas.”

The game’s backdrop impacts player choices and provides depth.
Creating visually awesome backgrounds in hyper-casual games may unintentionally raise the game’s CPI (Cost per Install).

When creating a background, focus on making the main characters and objects stand out.
Include only what’s necessary in the game and use a simple background, like a flat color or gradient, to highlight them.

Adjust the background color to be less intense than the main characters and objects. This will make them more visible and create a stronger contrast, grabbing the player’s attention effectively.

The background helps players know where they are in the game. Depending on the game type, include things that show where players are moving or where they are. But be careful not to make the background too detailed or distracting, so players can stay focused on the game.

Cartoon-Stylized Isometric Game Environments

At RetroStyle Games have a lot of experience creating isometric slot machine environments. We’ve made icons, backgrounds, and location concepts for many clients. Our isometric artists can create high-quality assets that fit each game’s theme. Our game developers use Isometric Casino Vector Art to make detailed and realistic casino scenes, making their games look better overall.

Our portfolio shows our ability to adapt to different themes and styles. We collaborate closely with clients to deliver final products that exceed expectations.

Let’s also talk about gamification in Casino Games!

Gamification is important for slot machine games because:

  • by incorporating game-like elements such as points, levels, and leaderboards, slot machine games can become more engaging and addictive for players. This can lead to increased player retention and loyalty;

  • gamification can make slot machine games more exciting and enjoyable for players by adding a sense of purpose and progression. This can lead to increased satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth among players;

  • gamification can be used to promote responsible gambling by incorporating features that encourage players to take breaks, set spending limits, and track their winnings and losses;

  • in a competitive market, gamification can help slot machine games stand out from the crowd by offering a unique and engaging experience.

Overall, video game environment design is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the slot machine gaming experience for both players and operators.

By incorporating game-like elements, slot machine games can become more engaging, enjoyable, and profitable.

Isometric Room Design

Creating isometric game scenes involves three important elements: perspective, lighting, and texture. 

  1. Perspective: this is about making a flat surface look 3D. It helps show depth and size in the game environment, making objects look realistic. With vector isometric room design, artists can create accurate and detailed representations of interior spaces in a two-dimensional format.
  2. Lighting: different lights and their directions change how shapes and colors look. Good lighting adds depth and mood to the game, making it more convincing for players.
  3. Texture: textures make surfaces and objects look real and detailed. They represent different materials, adding variety and interest to the game world. Textures also give the game a unique style.

By combining these three elements in isometric level design, artists create captivating and realistic game scenes in casual style.

Wrapping Up

Isometric design is a big deal in slot games, this is what makes them look cool. It creates a cool 3D effect on flat surfaces, giving players a feeling of depth.

A well-designed isometric environment is super important for keeping players interested. When game developers use perspective, lighting, and textures effectively, it makes the game world look more real and grabs players’ attention.

The casual style of the isometric design makes the gaming experience more exciting.

We also suggest you watch our video on working on this project

Adding 2D backgrounds is another smart move. While isometric design focuses on the main game elements, cleverly designed 2D backgrounds add extra visuals to enhance the game’s theme and story.

They give players more context and make the gaming world even more interesting.

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