Isometric Areas Design for a Slot Machine

Isometric Sprites Area Design Slot Machine

The slot machine genre in the gaming world does not lose its popularity and vice versa. That is why our team of artists is always excited about a new project in this genre. These slots have become a pleasant challenge for us and a successful case in work and communication with the client.

And it’s good that at RetroStyle Games we have rich experience in creating all the necessary elements for such games: icons, backgrounds, and stunning locations.

Concept 3D Model Render Overpaint Sprites

Concept Art Preparation

For this project, we received quite clear wishes from the client about the visual part of the game. It is a big plus when there is an opportunity to connect the visions of the art team and the opinion of the client.

Our main goals were to create beautiful, casual locations that fit the theme of the game. To do this, our artists start by creating a moodboard and sketches. Already at this stage, we understand the final vibe of the whole game.

Our Experience with Backgrounds

Our client’s main request about backgrounds was that backgrounds should be painted to fit the biggest and widest possible gadget screen. And also, the main game’s background (placing objects in places) must be detailed and not too colorful. Our art team has a lot of experience with similar isometric projects. That is why we have created the most detailed, high-quality backgrounds for this slot game so that the players get maximum enjoyment.

Game Background Castle Bridge Mountain


Each room or house location should have about five unique objects. The logic of “The Rarity of Place” is applied to these locations: depending on the height of the level of the location (Silver, Gold, or Diamond), the quality and complexity of the objects inside the location increase without changing their number.


Let’s demonstrate this with an example:

  • At the location of the Silver category, the window will be an ordinary glass window, with a thin frame and without intricate design.
  • At the Gold level, the window will have curtains, ribbons, upgraded materials, and other decor pieces.
  • At the highest Diamond level, objects will look the most luxurious and have more complex content.

2D and 3D Interior Design

A house is not just walls, right? Therefore, in order to create a special atmosphere for each room, our 2D artists paid special attention to the details of the interior. It is important that each room be decorated in its own style. Our client and we were inspired by the aesthetics of ancient Greek mythology. So, for example, in Apollo’s room, you will find a lot of golden elements, solar symbols, and, of course, a bow with arrows.

A separate part of the work was the rendering of already finished parts, and our overpaint specialists were involved in the process.

Final Words

We, at RetroStyle Games, offer outsourcing game design services for a variety of game genres. Our talented and experienced team of 2D and 3D specialists accepts jobs of any complexity and completes them within agreed-upon deadlines. Our artists always use their creativity to make your game distinctive while delivering high-quality staff with huge potential. Contact us if you want to bring your game to life.

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