Mars Miner 1.2 released – best Bomberman remake for PC

Also, it adds a couple of smaller balance and misc changes.

More information about Mars Miner game:

Download Mars Miner 1.2 for PC:

Mars Miner 1.2 released

History of Mars Miner updates:
– Zip.dll startup error should be fixed now – download New version if you had that error
– Game Protection mechanism was changed – all license owners should contact us to get new keys
– Difficulty balance changes and other small fixes

– New sound tracks by Mad-Tek and Takomo
– Difficulty balance changes, it should be easier and more fun to play now
– Other small fixes

– Reworked sound engine
– Additional music themes
– Story mode Awards and small balance changes
– Survival is more dynamical now
– Smaller game size, but more content

– Random hanging in full-screen mode. Score computation’s are faster now in Survival mode