Merge Dreamland – 2D/3D Isometrics for a Fantasy Puzzle

Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Isometric Puzzle Game Art Match3

Merge Dreamland is our new project in collaboration with Sample Games. The Isometric puzzle genre is one of our main specialities, and we have many similar projects in our portfolio. Despite the popularity of this genre, our professionals always find ways to make the game unique.

Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Blend Gardenscapes Match3

2D/3D Blend

It takes a combination of 2D and 3D to make great isometric art. Given that each artist specializes in one of those, having a smooth workflow in place is paramount.

Our artists work together to effectively combine 2D and 3D game model services to get a perfect result: an image characterized by clarity and depth.

Take a look at our examples of isometric sprites, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate ones.

3D Isometric Characters Sheep Tiger Match3 Homescapes

Character Art

The characters, as always, had to match the environment, so we made sure they turned out friendly, fun, and dreamy. We developed a concept, agreed on it with our client, and made the characters come alive using a combination of 2D and 3D art.

The magical characters in this game come not only in all colors and shapes but also in all stages of their development. Since each creature hatches from an egg, we have made several versions of one character to show their growth. They also hold objects in their hands: some objects are to help with the rebuilding of the park, and some are to make the place as light-hearted and magical as it can be.

Merge Match3 Isometric 3D Sprites Houses Castle Source Life Orbs

Game Objects

We put much thought into the game objects as well. The little castles, candy shops, roller coasters, carousel, flowerbeds, toys and other cuties are very detailed and match the atmosphere of the game world. We also made background tiles that do not deem the colorful characters and game objects.

UI/UX Design

As we usually take on full-cycle development of a game, we also did a UI/UX design.

The popularity of the app and its revenue depends on the ease with which the player uses it. Starting and navigating the game must be as smooth as possible. We developed a clear and attractive menu that allows the player to see their progress, read some tips on the gameplay, purchase diamonds, and flick through the levels.

  • Merge Dreamland User Interface In Game Store
  • Merge Dreamland GUI Dream Stores Characters Levels
  • Merge Dreamland GUI Dream Stores Levels
  • Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Isometric Puzzle Game Interface
  • Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Isometric Puzzle Game Interface Pop-Up

Level Design

The level design was also one of our tasks. Merge Dreamland is about evolution, so everything here: from a character to a water slide gets more elaborate by the hour! Thinking through the stages carefully allowed us to design the level in a way that will keep the player engaged throughout his time with the game.

  • Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Isometric Puzzle Game Level Design Match3
  • Merge Dreamland 2D 3D Isometric Puzzle Game Level Design

Our team is highly skilled and experienced within the isometric genre. A masterful blend of 2D and 3D art, attention to detail for character and game objects art, a clear UI/UX and a well thought-out game design are what characterize our isometric projects. You can reach out to us for a full-cycle game development.

We create 3D Characters with love and passion.

To learn more about our experience, please contact us.

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