Isometric Locations Design for Merge Manor: Sunny House

Merge Manor: Sunny House is an upcoming isometric puzzle game. The player renovates an abandoned family home, solves puzzles, and dives into a mysterious storyline. Progressing through the game opens more locations to restore.

We have vast experience in isometric graphics since this type of project is one of the most popular among our clients. Therefore, teamĀ RetroStyle GamesĀ gladly helpedĀ CookAppsĀ create a set of 6 unique locations. We elaborated all the decor with plenty of isometric sprites, which fit the atmosphere of the estate.

Sunny House Isometric Game Art Exterior Building Design Assets


For the project, we worked both on interior and exterior design. All locations are distinct and have several levels of upgrade. Step by step, a player will transform an old, broken, and dusty place into a flourishing and full of life. Attention to detail has always been essential for us. Thatā€™s why each location is full of numerous objects, making the game interesting to explore. To add some flexibility our artists made several versions of renovated furniture, home decor, outdoor constructions, trees and bushes. With all of that, players can decorate the manor the way they want.

Grandma Worshop Game Locations Interior Design Overpaint Concept

Letā€™s look at the projectā€™s largest locations: Garage and Grandmaā€™s Workshop. Before renovationĀ GarageĀ felt completely abandoned. All the stuff is broken, the car needs a major overhaul, furniture is covered with moss, and trash is scattered all around. Seems like not a single soul has visited this place for years. After renovation, the room comes back to life, its colors are sweet as candy, and a car shines like brand-new.

The WorkshopĀ is a huge place with two floors. We wanted to create the coziness of grandmaā€™s home in it. Several blue carpets complement the warm palette of wooden furniture to create a color accent.

The abandonedĀ ReservoirĀ andĀ Wishing wellĀ ran dry many years ago. There is nothing but dirt in a place where water used to flow. After renovation, the Reservoir is almost like an aqua-park filled with joy and happiness. And the Wishing well restores its magical power.

The Terrarium fountainĀ feels like a mermaid dreamland with all its bright-blue rocks and baby-pink shells.

The PlaygroundĀ first looks like a place youā€™ll never let your children play. Thereā€™s not a thing that isnā€™t broken. The water in the pond is green and probably stinks. But it all transforms into a joyful place where kids would play all day long.

Advantages of Isometric Graphics

It is crucial for mobile games to perform well on almost all types of devices. Since 3D games still require huge capacity, developers prefer to use isometric sprites. They can create an illusion of depth and three-dimensional space while still containing the advantages of 2D graphics. A static camera angle is essential for this technology. It allows to pre-render 3D models and bake-in all the lighting and shadows.

Halloween Decoration Concept 3D Model Mansion

Creation Process

For creating isometric sprites, we combine both 2D and 3D technologies, which allows us to achieve the best results. Within the scope of the project, we go through particular developing stages. First of all, we create concept art (you canĀ read more about the process of creating concept art here). If the concept fulfills all your needs, weā€™re moving on to the following stages: 3D modeling, creating materials, texturing, and rendering. At the last stage, our 2D artists overpaint the final model.


How soon we will finish the project usually depends on its complexity.

A small location such as Wishing Well takes from 26 to 33 days. Medium locations such as Playground or Terrarium fountain take from 44 to 50 days. And large locations with numerous sprites can take up to 70 days.

Messy Playground Broken Tree House Green Water

Workflow video

RetroStyle Games outsourcing company has been in the gaming industry since 2010. Besides isometric design, we provide a vast range of services: 3D modeling, character design, animation, 2D illustration, level design, and much more. Find out other completed projects in ourĀ portfolio.

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