Modern Combat Weapon 3D Pack for Game

Only those who are well-armed will be able to win the battle!

That’s what our team at RetroStyle Games decided, and we started creating an extensive 3D military asset pack.

Defense Line Military 3D Assets Real-Time Weapons Supply Pack Strategic, 3d assets for unreal

What can you expect from our 3D assets pack?

8 unique thematic sections that combine highly detailed objects (weapons, military objects, and obstacles)
that can become a part of your game right now!

Download it from CGTrader, Artstation, TurboSquid, Unreal and Unity Asset Store today and start creating your army world with the best assets available

military 3D models

As a team of professionals working in the field of 3D asset creation, we fully understand the importance of modeling.
The modeling stage is crucial because it determines the overall shape, form, and structure of the 3D object.

That’s why while working on creating all the 3D military assetsof weapons, obstacles, and objects,
our team used professional modeling software such as Blender and Substance 3D Designer.

For each individual asset, our artists dedicated enough time to ensure that details, roughness,
and military textures looked natural and impressive.

Office and Radio

To communicate with allies, we have designed and developed the environment combat collection, as well as the radio reconnaissance collection and the wireless warfare pack. All of these devices will help you maintain communication, transmit reconnaissance data, and stay one step ahead of your enemies.

The massive table with multiple drawers can easily accommodate all of your inventory.
The powerful radio system and control panel, each detail of which has been carefully crafted by our team with special attention and effort.


In war, every means is fair game. That’s why we’ve decided to create not only asset packs with weapons and other important items for combat, but also a set of various obstacles.

Based on our concepts, we’ve created anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wire, concrete blocks and reinforcement, fuel drums, and sandbags.

All of these items will help you slow down your enemies, construct a reliable shelter, and engage in battle with minimal losses. Just imagine how the enemy’s vehicles will be damaged when hitting one of those concrete blocks!

Pack of 3D Weapon models

But what about weapons? Our arsenal includes heavy artillery, grenades, and portable anti-tank guided missiles like the NLAW, and that’s not all!

Our team of artists had the most fun exploring prototypes of each weapon to create 3D assets that are as realistic as possible.

3D Military Asset Pack Weapons Objects Obstacles Missile Mortar Wireless Office 27 Strategic Assets

The final stage of working on the Arsenal of Valor was ensuring that the pack of 3D Military assets is optimized for Unity and Unreal engines.

This allows you to easily import the ready-made objects into your project and impress all players right away!

Download it now! And check our game art outsourcing services to learn more about RetroStyle Games skills.

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