Night Racer – Full Cycle 3D Character Animation

Night Racer Full Cycle 3D Character Animation Game Trailer

We would like to tell you about our recent project: a mobile race game made in collaboration with Gamemine. Night Racer stakes on the thrill of a risky, high-speed bike racing at night. The project required the full cycle of 3D character animation: starting from concept art through to rigging, skinning, and finally, animation.

The Bike Design

The bike may be considered an extension of our character. It is as cool as racing bikes come and is the same cheeky red color as our protagonist’s costume. Our artists have developed a 3D model and made sure the final appearance would catch the player’s eye.

Real Time 3D Model Bike Design Traffic Rider Moto

Character Art

Although we don’t see his face, our racer is a bold figure and that has to show on his physique and costume. Fisrt, our RSG artists developed character art, including a professionally-looking, highly detailed costume. The blazing red of his outfit is a perfect match for his dangerous yet enthralling behavior.

Each character we create goes through a series of improvements to ensure the best suitability for the game and the client satisfaction. Then we rigged and skinned our racer, getting him ready to be animated.

Game Character CG Animation Cinematic

3D Animation and CG Trailer

We have done the full animation of the character and all the cars in the game. Our team also created a short CG promo video where our animated protagonist is racing the roads of a night city, collecting diamonds, and avoiding the enemy cars. We used Corona render which was particularly helpful for meeting short deadlines.

Game UX/UI

Our UX/UI designers have drawn various indicators of the player’s progress and other inscriptions in the game. We have also created the app icon and promo images with slogans in two languages.

Night Racer Game UX-UI Promo Moto

Even in the simple, popular games, our RSG artists express their creativity and make something unique. Our vast experience in 3D character art and animation allows us to deliver quality work in short time frames. Our team of skilled artists always ensures that the characters match the style of the game and resonate with the players. Check out our portfolio for more examples of 3D character animation.

Working hand-in-hand with us will ensure your time and cost saving, high-quality content and efficient scaling of your art team.

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